Wealthy Clinton Crony James Comey Claims Trump is ‘Existential Threat’ to America

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Johnny Silvercloud / shutterstock.comFormer FBI Director James Comey is making the media rounds again because of some dumb book he probably had ghostwritten for him. Since he is an entirely corrupt and partisan hack, Comey has been making cheap shots against President Donald Trump, who has been railroaded by the Democrat Party and its secret police in the […]

‘Another Cr*p Deal:’ Freedom Caucus Opposes GOP Debt Ceiling Sellout

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FrankHH / shutterstock.comThe conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus have announced that their group is opposed to passing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s “cr*p deal” with Joe Biden on the debt ceiling. At this point, McCarthy is unlikely to be able to pass the bill without Democrat votes. There could even be a conference vote to vacate […]

State Farm Halts New Home Insurance Policies in Third-World California

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Casimiro PT / shutterstock.comCalifornia’s years of mismanagement at the hands of the Democrat supermajority in the legislature is making the state more unlivable by the day. Effective immediately, one of the largest insurance companies in the US says it will no longer be offering new policies for homeowner’s insurance. State Farm says existing policies will be grandfathered in […]

The St. Patrick of Immigration Is Cleansing Florida

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fotomak / shutterstock.comMuch like the fabled Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, Governor Ron DeSantis is driving the illegals away from the state of Florida. With a new law signed on May 10th, knowingly transporting illegals into the state has now been criminalized. Not stopping there, hospitals are now required to ask about immigration status […]

It’s DeSantis and Trump, But Who Else for the GOP?

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AR30MM Ariel Ruff / shutterstock.comDonald Trump has been the frontrunner for the GOP primaries for a while now. And we already knew that Ron DeSantis was going to run, we just didn’t know when he’d announce it. With his official announcement now on the books, we have to look at who else we could get to vote for. After […]

Oops! – New York Republicans Find Their Voter Cards Read “Democrat”

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Castleski / shutterstock.comImagine filling out all the paperwork to become a voter in New York. Then, when you get your card, there’s a glaring problem. It reads “Democrat” instead of the “Republican” or “Independent” that you claimed to be. Unfortunately, this is a very real problem for New Yorkers in Nassau County. Voters received their voter ID […]

Another IRS Whistleblower Steps Forward in Response to President Biden Torpedoing Their Career for Hunter

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GNT STUDIO / shutterstock.comNew reports from the New York Post have claimed a second IRS whistleblower came forward on May 22nd. He was ready to share concerns about how the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax fraud and financial crimes was suddenly stopped. As he explained, he had been on the case since it started in 2018 and is […]

Inane New York Anti-Shoplifting Plan Is Great for Thieves 

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Mike_shots / shutterstock.comNew York City Mayor Eric Adams recently released his Crackdown On Shoplifting Plan For NYC, a soft-on-crime enablement platform for thieves. The “plan” seems more like a late-night comedy sketch than anything based on reality:  Give first-time offenders intervention programs instead of prosecution.  De-escalation training for retail employees.  Establish neighborhood retail watch groups to share theft […]

Senators Given Satellite Phones to Save Themselves in Case of ‘Disruptive Event’

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Sasin Paraksa / shutterstock.comThe US Senate Sergeant at Arms, Karen Gibson, recently offered secretive, specially designed satellite phones to all 100 US Senators. Reports indicate that more than 50 of them took the new phones. The Sergeant at Arms told the Senators in a memo that the new satellite phones would allow them to communicate with each other […]

National Hamburger Day Is On Its Way…But for How Long?

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Fedorovacz / shutterstock.comEvery May 28 is National Hamburger Day. It’s an excuse to eat burgers and fries, wash them down with a cold milkshake, and watch TV all day. But for how long? Cattle industry experts say it may only be around for a little longer. That’s because the cost of meat increases as production grows more […]