Democratic Party’s Shock Troops Explode with Violence After GOP Takes Control of House

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Bumble Dee / shutterstock.comViolent Antifa domestic terrorist groups just caused violent riots and property destruction in several cities over the weekend. You’d think that Republicans had retaken control of one of the wings of government again. Oh, wait. They just did retake control of the House of Representatives. So, here we go again. Look forward to two more […]

Biden TSA Implements Chinese-Style Facial Recognition at Airports

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Koldunov / shutterstock.comThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has admitted that it has rapidly been expanding the use of abusive and invasive facial recognition software at American airports. The technology, pioneered by Communist China for their country’s draconian “social credit score” system, is already being used in 16 of the nation’s biggest airports. Once again, America’s leaders look […]

NYC Mayor Has a Plan for Illegals That Comes Directly From the Liberal Playbook

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Steve Sanchez Photos / shutterstock.comEver since President Biden won the election illegal immigrants have been flooding the border in record numbers. With millions having crossed since that fateful day, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and US Border Patrol have had their hands full. While their mission has never been easy, the liberal “take ’em all” mindset has been costing […]

Megyn Kelly Questions If Girls Have Any Safe Place Left – Watch

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Guryanov Andrey / shutterstock.comMegyn Kelly spoke directly to the issue of trans and gender identity on her recent Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show.” She declared that there was “no safe space now for girls” in societies pushed with this agenda. She believes it is everywhere. Kelly spoke with two former beauty queen pageant winners who are now […]

KJP Peppered about Giving “Inaccurate” Information

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lev radin / shutterstock.comWhite House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre felt the pressure from reporters on Tuesday when they kept asking her about the “inaccurate” information about classified documents in President Joe Biden’s possession. Jean-Pierre clearly said earlier that all the classified documents had been found and sent to the National Archives and Records Administration and the Department of […]

ISIS Terrorist from ‘The Beatles’ Cell Disappeared from U.S. Prison

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Creativa Images / shutterstock.comA member of one of the notorious terrorist cells in ISIS known as “The Beatles” is making the news again. Alexanda Kotey, 39, was serving a life sentence for the kidnap, torture, and murder of western journalists and aid workers in Syria. Now, this “ISIS Beatle” has disappeared from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), […]

The ATF Is Now Officially Coming After Your Guns

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Komsan Somthi / shutterstock.comFor centuries now, patriots have been warning the American people about the government coming for your guns. While many liberals have been laughing at this like it’s a joke or an overreaction, time and time again has proven it to be true. At first, it was automatic weapons, then it was silencers. Now, the Bureau […]

Americans Charged Thousands for Crossing the Border, Immigrants Get the Red Carpet

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Chess Ocampo / shutterstock.comAs you’ve likely heard, crossing the southern American border with Mexico is becoming rather easy. At least, that’s the case if you’re doing it illegally. However, honest, hard-working US citizens with all the right credentials can be detained for hours at a time, have their car impounded, and be charged a whopping $5,000 upon re-entry. […]

Crisis Escalates as Joe Biden Caught with 2nd Batch of Stolen Classified Docs

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BiksuTong / shutterstock.comThe media has embarrassed itself again by trying to soft-pedal Joe Biden’s stolen documents scandal. Someone on Biden’s staff leaked the story to NBC News that a second batch of stolen classified documents has now been found in Joe Biden’s garage at one of his mansions, as well as in a “second location” in the […]

AOC is Schooled by Actual Doctor Over Her Comments on Gas Stoves

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James Andrews1 / shutterstock.comAs you’ve likely heard all too often in recent days and months, the political left is out to abolish the use of all fossil fuels in the United States. First, Democratic President Joe Biden shut down what would have been a game-changing energy resource for the country on day one in office. Then he and […]