Can’t Make This Up: EV Tires Emit 20% More Pollutants 

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BLKstudio / shutterstock.comWhile Americans have long dealt with governmental regulation of tailpipe emissions for their gas-powered vehicles, there is something new to worry about. Car tires emit nearly 2,000 times more pollution than tailpipe emissions, and it’s only a matter of time until the government figures out a way to regulate them as well.  Americans are the […]

Sports Illustrated Already Busted for “Hiring” AI Bots in Place of Real Authors

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rblfmr / shutterstock.comAs one of the leading authorities on sports, many people across the globe have turned to Sports Illustrated (SI) for their honest and transparent coverage of sporting events across the globe. Operating with the infamous Swimsuit Issue as their largest seller, many have gone after the magazine over leaving out little-known sports or objectifying women […]

Scientific Study Proves Mass Migration Causes Huge Spike in Rapes

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Ververidis Vasilis / shutterstock.comRemember when the media was lecturing us every single day that we have to “follow the science” when it comes to COVID-19 and those toxic shots that they called “vaccines?” They never actually followed the science. They just wanted everyone to follow what the authorities said. Here’s some more science that the open-borders, neo-liberal, globalists […]

Greta Thunberg Caught Going Full Anti-Semitic

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Liv Oeian / shutterstock.comEver wondered if climate change activist Greta Thunberg was really a progressive liberal at heart? Well, if this doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what will. For some time now, we’ve seen the leftist political leanings of the former child activist. When she first made headlines as the world’s unhappiest teen, demanding we all abandon […]

Vivek Wants to Raise the Voting Age to 25?

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Ben Von Klemperer / shutterstock.comWe have a lot of age requirements within the United States. 16 to drive, 18 to vote, 21 to drink, 35 to become president…it can be overwhelming to get it all figured out. Vivek Ramaswamy, one of the leading GOP presidential candidates, recently announced that he’d move the age to vote up to 25 – […]

Every Part of the Country Will Be Doomed by Climate Change This Year, According to Research 

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luchschenF / shutterstock.comThe U.S. Global Change Research Program recently published the Fifth National Climate Assessment for the United States, providing an overview of the impacts of climate change on the country. And the implications of the report are clear: be afraid. Be very, very afraid.  Country-wide climate change is coming for every American citizen, there’s no escaping […]

Stacey Abrams’ Brother-in-Law Arrested for Allegedly Trafficking a Child

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Al Teich / shutterstock.comFor the first time in history, a story about Stacey Abrams has hit the news, and the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate is not rushing to the nearest wide-angle lens camera to enlighten everyone. Stacey’s brother-in-law was arrested on Friday morning at a hotel in Florida. He’s been charged with trafficking a young teenage girl, among […]

Thanksgiving Will Cost 25% More Under Biden Than Trump

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Brent Hofacker / shutterstock.comIt’s that time of year again: time to discuss what it costs to feed your family during the holidays. And thanks to Bidenomics, your Thanksgiving dinner will be the second most expensive on record. According to the country’s leading agricultural advocacy group, the American Farm Bureau Federation, Turkey Day in 2023 will cost the average […]

Biden Tells Newsom He Could Have His Job

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Chris Allan / shutterstock.comIt’s been rumored for weeks, even months, now that the Democratic Party will soon be forced to replace Biden as their choice for presidential nominee for someone who, well, knows where the hell he’s at. It’s also been rumored that California Governor Gavin Newsom could be that someone. And now, even Biden himself is hinting […]

Mack Trucks Get What They Wanted; Back to the Factory They Go

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Alejandro Guzmani / shutterstock.comStrikes from United Auto Workers spread out for various automakers throughout this year. As unions saw automakers transitioning to electric vehicles, they knew productions would be changing. Seeing boards awarding C-Suite level employees bigger bonuses than an entire shift’s combined salaries, they wanted to grab theirs. Mack Trucks (a division of Volvo Trucking) saw their […]

Putin’s Reelection Strategy Playbook Mirrors Biden’s 

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Luca Perra / shutterstock.comOver the past three years, more Russians seem to trust their country’s election process, which could boost Vladimir Putin’s reelection prospects heading into the 2024 presidential election. A Russian Public Opinion Research Center survey found that confidence in election results increased from 46% in November 2020 to 61% in 2023. At the same time, the […]

The FBI Might Flag You if You Use These Words Online

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J.K2507 / shutterstock.comWorried about the government looking over your shoulder and possibly even blacklisting you? Then you need to be aware of a little-known word list that immediately puts you on their radar. It’s called the “glossary of terms,” and should you use any words contained in it, it’s likely that the FBI will begin monitoring your […]

Who is Jill Stein? Disruptor Returns to Challenge Trump and Biden in 2024 

Sergey Neanderthalec /
Sergey Neanderthalec / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden, already plagued with lagging poll numbers and running without the support of many within his party, might have finally met his match. Jill Stein, a Green Party candidate, has reemerged on the political scene like a bad case of heartburn as yet another challenger for the White House.  While the Green Party […]

Majority in CNN Poll Say “No Chance” They’ll Vote for Joe Biden in 2024

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RozenskiP / shutterstock.comThe bad news just keeps coming for Joe Biden and the Democrats when it comes to 2024 polling. We’re only two months away from the first presidential primaries, and very few polling outlets in the country are finding a majority of voters who are willing to support Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Even CNN failed […]

Climate Weirdoes Try to Smash a Historic Painting with Hammers in Epic Fail

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Anton Balazh / shutterstock.comA pair of climate cultists tried to destroy a beautiful historical painting at London’s National Gallery earlier this week. They savagely attacked the painting with hammers in an attempt to somehow save the weather. Fortunately for art lovers everywhere, climate activists tend to be noodle-armed wimps. The attack was foiled by the safety glass protecting […]