Media Fails at Embarrassing Attack on Key Republican

Oh, where did it go, Blue Virginia? Whatever happened to that failed attack on Glenn Youngkin? The site posted something earth-shattering last week, except that it was a nothing burger. It was a hilariously half-assed and pathetic attempt to “Ralph Northam” the incoming Republican governor of Virginia.

In 2019, it was revealed that soon-to-be-former Democratic Governor Ralph Northam wore blackface during his college days for a Michael Jackson dance competition in the 1980s. A figure in blackface is also featured in Northam’s medical school yearbook, along with another individual wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit. To this day, we don’t know if Northam was blackface man or the Klan member in the photo.

Blue Virginia tried to tie Youngkin’s senior prom to some folks wearing “Asian garb.” It’s a cultural appropriation attack that falls flat because Youngkin isn’t wearing anything Asian. He’s wearing a tuxedo.

“We took down Jeff Thomas’ piece on Youngkin’s yearbook because it claimed Youngkin wasn’t vetted, but the McAuliffe campaign insists it did thoroughly ‘vet’ him (including the yearbook),” wrote Blue VA. “Youngkin was in a tux (nothing offensive) and was very young at the time. So…deleted.”

I mean, this is quite the Hail Mary attempt. It’s almost as bad as Terry McAuliffe’s attempt to tie Youngkin to white supremacists by…having his own staffers and other Democratic operatives pose as tiki torch alt-righters when the governor-elect made a campaign stop in Charlottesville in the waning days of the gubernatorial election.

They didn’t apologize for that transparent and pathetic stunt. They didn’t apologize for this post either – they just deleted it. At least Democrats got their heads out of their asses on this one.

Sources: TownHall: ‘Nothing Offensive’ Blue Virginia Deletes Shoddy and Embarrassing Attack Post on Glenn Youngkin’s Prom Night