Media Fact-Checks Lies of Rittenhouse Trial and Still Gets the Facts Wrong

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Body Checking the Fact Checkers – CNN

  • Focusing on social media while excusing the actual media complex is not a great look.

It has become accepted that the press is simply intent on lying about the Kyle Rittenhouse saga and his trial. As to why this is the case across the media spectrum, that is a deeper mystery. Here we see Yahoo! Entertainment putting on a show of correcting the facts but in the most tepid fashion possible. The site goes after Instagram posts that delivered some false information about the night of the shooting, including the canard that Rittenhouse’s mother drove him to the riot.

EXCEPT, as Yahoo notes this false claim was made on November 15, they choose to ignore that on CNN, Bakari Sellers was delivering this false narrative nearly a week earlier. He describes the Rittenhouse attackers as “protestors,” claims Kyle was the person who shot first and was the only one to fire any rounds.

Presentation Paradox – NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO

  • When the repair work is worse than the original post.

We keep waiting for the day when the journalists and news outlets realize their obsession with race and division is a self-created minefield. They are so ardent in accusing racism that they inevitably become guilty of the very unreal standards they force on society. Case in point, NPR got strung up when they were eager to point out how disappointing it was that in the recent election in the city of Boston, one of the black females who ran for office was not elected.

Small problem; in order to make this point, NPR had to effectively insult the winner, another female POC. As a result, the outlet took down their initial tweet.

That was good enough, but no – they next had to attempt fixing things. It did not go well.

Here is the problem. That initial tweet, where NPR says they misrepresented the story? It is a direct quote from the article itself, and those alleged words of harm are still featured in the opening paragraph. It appears the only real harm from this has been to the credibility of the outlet.

Legalized Press-titution – THE NEW YORK TIMES

  • The call went out for some needed public relations assistance.

It has been a rough go of things for Vice President Kamala Harris, and the past couple of weeks have been even worse. Fumbling in Europe, being upstaged at the recent signing ceremony, and then Jen Psaki giving verbal support that amounted to an insult – all while her approval numbers are cratering – means the Second In Command needs media assistance.

Yes, this should do it. Nothing repairs the public image of a politician like a reflective moment we all can assimilate with in our lives.

Anti-Social Media – NBC SPORTS

  • It may take a few dozen more comments to really drive the point home, Mike.

There may be no better way to deflate the condescension of a journalist better than to point out their lack of self-awareness. At NBC Sports, their host of Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, has been particularly upset with Aaron Rodgers and his Covid-vaccine controversy. After sending out yet another dispatch harping on Rodgers, he received a response from another sports talk host and member of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, Gil Brandt.

To explain, Brandt was highlighting how many times, to that point, Florio had unloaded on Rodgers. That is 78 times he sent out a complaint on the QB in just a 12 day period. Then things turned amusing. Florio, who has railed against Aaron Rodgers for not being able to take criticism, asked Brandt a direct question in response and tweet-blocked him in the process.

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – THE NEW YORK TIMES

  • Now, THIS is the kind of health news you would expect to see from Big Bird.

Should we consult a doctor on this matter, or is this one of the instances where it is actually appropriate to do our own research? In this era of public health concerns, and our media complex serving as a clearinghouse of vital medical information, it is a shining beacon of comfort that The Times is here to clear up for the general public a vital dietary concern – they delve into the efficacy of consuming the stickers placed on produce.


  • Ask yourselves: Is there any other time you would treat this man as a source for a story?

So here we go, the media rushes out to once again report on a notable name pushing out a daft conspiracy theory. This time, rock guitarist Ace Frehley, of KISS fame, weighed in on the recent tragedy at the Astroworld concert where ten people died. Frehley stated on his social media account that he felt this seemed like a satanic ritual that had gone awry.

I dunno. If anyone might have some inside intel on the inner workings of concerts, it would be a 70-year-old rock guitarist with a few decades of touring on his resume. But allow me to lend some advice to the reporters who look down on these theories and find them to be distasteful and possibly dangerous: You know, you do have the option of NOT reporting on these theories, and thereby helping to actually spread them around.

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