Dems Require Masks For Two More Years

In a CNN interview on Tuesday with Ana Cabrera, Dr. Jorge Rodriguez — billed as as board certified internal medicine specialist and viral researcher — offered his expert opinion on how long American kids should be forced to mask up as part of combatting the Wuhan coronavirus.

“Some schools are getting rid of mask requirements,” noted host Ana Cabrera. “Is the country in a place where it’s ok to take this step and if not — not now — when will it be?” she asked Dr. Rodriguez.

“I think it’s too early to stop requiring children to wear masks,” he answered calling decisions to relax mask mandates “one of the biggest pitfalls we’ve fallen on.”

“In the past, whenever we think that things are good, we go ahead and take off our masks and the CDC says you can take them off and that’s what happened in July,” Dr. Rodriquez stated. “When we prematurely stopped [wearing] our masks, Delta came along and just blew that theory out of the water.”

It seems that, to Dr. Rodriguez, everyone should be masked all the time until there are no longer any COVID cases… anywhere in the world?

“This is not just the United States doing better,” he explained, “the whole world needs to do better.”

“We’ve opened up travel effective yesterday, and Europe is seeing its highest COVID percentages that it’s seen almost in a year,” Dr. Rodriguez said, and apparently cases in Europe means kids in American schools can’t take off their masks. “There’s a storm on the horizon and it’s coming over,” he claimed.

“Yes I think it’s too soon to lift mandates for masks, especially in children at this point,” concluded Dr. Rodriguez. “When will it be safe?” he asked rhetorically before answering: “Your guess is as good as mine, but I would say in, hopefully, a year — maybe two.”

So another year of mandatory masking for kids is the “expert” recommendation according to CNN. Maybe even two more years.

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) put it well: “No. Stay away from our kids.”

Sources: TownHall: CNN Doctor Says Kids Should Wear Masks for Two More Years