Latest Poll Rocking Democrat Party

Two months ago, I reported on a poll that asked respondents who they would cast their ballot for in a President Biden v. former President Trump 2024 race. The theoretical race showed Trump winning the election. As Biden’s approval rating continues to sink, more polls are showing that Americans favored Trump’s policies more. A new poll conducted by Harvard CAPS and The Harris Poll shows how respondents approve of Biden’s handling of key issues compared to Trump.

A poll, which surveyed 1,578 registered voters, conducted on Oct. 26 through Oct. 28 found that more Americans approved of Trump’s handling of key issues, such as immigration, the economy, and fighting terrorism.

In the findings, respondents gave Biden a 40 percent approval rating on his handling of the economy. Similarly, he received a 44 percent percent approval rating on creating jobs, 39 percent rating on fighting terrorism, 39 percent on handling foreign affairs, 38 percent on dealing with violence and crime, 35 percent on handling immigration, and 33 percent on his disastrous handling of our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

On the contrary, when respondents were polled in January 2021 on their approval of Trump, the numbers were higher across the board. In January, 56 percent of respondents approved of Trump’s handling of the economy, 58 percent on creating jobs, 55 percent on fighting terrorism, 52 percent on immigration, 52 percent on foreign affairs, and his lowest, 49 percent on administering the government.

The survey notes that the only issue where Biden scored higher was his “reacting to the coronavirus,” where Biden’s approval is at 50 percent to Trump’s 47 percent.

As mentioned above, Biden’s approval ratings issue-by-issue are each less than 50 percent. Trump’s approval ratings were a little more than 50 percent on each issue. According to the poll, Biden’s overall approval rating is currently at 43 percent, with 51 percent disapproving. Trump’s approval rating was 44 percent, his disapproval rating at 49 percent.

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