What Is This Fugazi Vote-Counting Scheme We Have Going on in New Jersey?

Just another cheap shot.

This wasn’t supposed to be competitive. It wasn’t supposed to be even a race. Joe Biden heavily carried the state in 2020. Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy was supposed to cruise to re-election. I’m sure the Murphy camp hoped to have a result by the end of last night. It’s not over yet. Yes, Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report has called it—but it’s not official yet. It’s a close one. And even if King Murphy avoids regicide by the voters in the Garden State, there’s still a lot of bad news to glean from this race.

Sean Trende of Real Clear Politics noted that Democrats held onto their gain in affluent suburbs which appears to be enough to save Murphy. Still, the count swings are huge, large enough that Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a top New Jersey Democrat, could be picked off. As Leah wrote this morning, one analyst noted that Republican Jack Ciattarelli was virtually unknown this cycle. Hordes of people voted for him anyway.

And while it seemed like Murphy was pulling away, we learn that Hudson County double-counted their ballots that artificially boosting Murphy’s vote total. What sort of fugazi operation do we have going here? Also, if Democrats and the media don’t know already, this is how election conspiracy theories start.

Sources: TownHall: Double-Counting? What Is This Fugazi Vote-Counting Scheme We Have Going on in New Jersey?

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