Here’s How Exaggerated COVID Had Become In Australia

Don’t let Biden see this!

Australia has fallen. I’m a law and order guy, but what’s happening in the land down under is appalling. We have cops tackling people for merely going outside their homes, dousing them in pepper spray, and choking them. It’s all for their health. Not wearing masks can be viewed as riot incitement. I’m not kidding. The videos are something to behold. Is Australia a liberal democracy? Or is it Belarus we’re watching with these police state antics? Oh, and no one can leave. To ensure the success of their COVID Zero policy, Australia has adopted control measures that are more commonly seen in authoritarian dictatorships like North Korea.

Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic asked that in a recent article. I would say no. A creepy new app pings Australians and requires them to take a selfie of their current location. They have minutes to respond—noncompliance results in a police visit. And now, fast food is considered contraband in Australia.

I’m not kidding.

You can’t even get food delivered to your home. There’s a cap on how much booze you can have, as well. Two men were arrested last month for trying to smuggle fried chicken. It wasn’t drugs. It wasn’t underage girls. It wasn’t illegal guns. It was three buckets of original recipe and some coleslaw (via The Hill):

Police in New Zealand caught two men trying to smuggle a trunk full of KFC into Auckland, which has strict COVID-19 measures that ban takeout orders from restaurants.
The two alleged gang associates were caught by police after they noticed a suspicious-looking vehicle on a gravel road, which then tried to evade police, the police spokesperson told BBC.
Pictures showed three buckets of chicken, 10 cups of coleslaw and other items from the fast-food chain, according to BBC. Police also found $70,000 in cash.

Yeah, I’m not so sure about the “gang” association. The publication didn’t go into details on that, but if smuggling fast food is now considered illicit activity, the nation is truly lost. Fried chicken is now being trotted out as a major bust akin to cocaine.

Sources: TownHall: COVID Hysterics Is So Out of Control in Australia That Food Is Now Considered Contraband

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