We Need To Get Rid Of Fauci


Talk about being past your sell-by date – Anthony Fauci is a disaster and he keeps disastering more disastrously all the time. The fact that this manifest failure still holds not only a senior position but is actively being promoted by our garbage elite is proof positive that our elite is a total sham. He must go. But he won’t – not voluntarily.

Very, very sad news out of Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis’ wife Casey was diagnosed with breast cancer. We should all support them with our prayers – it will be tough going. And combined with Donald Trump coming out of his shell, I am now adjusting my odds from him probably not running to Trump probably running in 2024.

Fauci Is 500 Days Into His 15 Minutes

There was a great episode of The Simpsons like 20 years ago, which was the last time there were great episodes of The Simpsons, where Homer bowls 300 and proceeds to sponge off his notoriety, including walking onto other people’s shows asking “Did someone say ‘a perfect game’?” That’s Fauci, except Homer is funny and has not screwed up the response to a massive pandemic.

It’s really remarkable that this guy is still out there in the spotlight. He has zero credibility among a huge number of Americans, and the question is why he should have any credibility with any Americans at all. The guy has been wrong about everything, but in fairness, also right about everything. That is because he has adopted every position on every issue possible. Statistically, he had to have been right sometimes. But overwhelmingly, he’s wrong.

He started off minimizing the disease, then overhyping it. He lied to us, intentionally, about his position on masks, telling us they were useless – a “noble lie” told so we would not buy them all up. Then he demanded we double mask. Then we need to mask though vaccinated. Now, masks are pretty useless, but have you noticed how there is no massive, definitive American study yet on masks though we are heading into year two of this nonsense? I would think that would be something he would devote his time to instead of helping them make a toe-suckling bio.

Even Hugh Hewitt, the nicest guy on earth, has had it – he confronted Fauci on air about Fauci’s total lack of credibility with a bunch of Americans and asked the doctor whether he should step down if he lacks credibility. Fauci said “No.” In other words, Fauci prioritizes his position over his effectiveness.

There’s our elite to a tee – putting its members’ power, prestige and position first. Milley and Austin also insisted they would not step down after their failures. This is why our institutions suck – there’s no accountability for failure. Screw up and move up.

So now Fauci is unwilling to allow us Christmas, as if we’re asking. We’re not. Except in neurotic blue enclaves, we’re done. The vaccine he promised us would be perfect is in most people’s arms – if they want it, they got it. Of course, it did not work as he promised and when we point that out, we hate science or something.

Trump should have fired him. Biden won’t fire him. He’ll never shut up, and he’ll keep trying to drag this out forever – because as long as there is a pandemic, he’s a star.

DeSantis Less Likely; Trump More So

The terrible news that Casey DeSantis has been diagnosed with breast cancer is a horrible turn of events for the DeSantis family. We owe them support with our prayers. But we also need to examine the political effect. This makes it significantly less likely that DeSantis runs in 2024.

Until recently, I thought that Trump was more likely that not going to sit this out. Word from people who know him, the polling showing Biden dropping, and his recent spate of media have caused me to reconsider. The fact is that the probable lack of a primary fight with DeSantis makes him more likely to run. There will be others who enter the primary, but I don’t see them as strong as DeSantis. Basically, this may clear Trump’s way.

Trump is still frustrating in that he often seems to fail to learn from his mistakes. He was always bad on personnel and he still is. He recently did a Yahoo interview, prompting me to ask why he is talking to liberal outlets and why he’s not spending more time on conservative ones. As many people pointed out, he is doing a lot more conservative media – I had not noticed, but he is making the rounds in conservative venues. It’s still unclear why he goes to liberal ones, but whatever. He’s getting out there. That’s what candidates do.

Biden’s myriad fumbles make the crusty old weirdo an inviting target. The big problem is Trump’s re-litigation of the past. Trump insists that the 2020 election and election integrity are the big motivating issues for Republicans. I think he’s wrong, and the more time we spend on the past the less time we are spending unscrewing the damage Biden is causing.

I still think Trump needs to earn his nomination; I will support whoever earns it. The likely absence of DeSantis means Trump won’t get tested the way he needs to be to get him focused on winning. Trump made mistakes; to the extent they can be, we need him to fix them so a Republican can win in 2024.

Of course, demanding he perform makes me terrible in the eyes of some people who really, really like Trump – not enough to write a book about him or lawyer for him for free after the election, but whatever. I don’t care. I am about winning and I’m happy to win with Trump. But the key word is “win,” and that is all I care about.

Sources: TownHall: Fauci Needs to Go Away

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