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Biden Sets His Eyes On Next Communist Law

There’s only one man to blame for that.

FBI figures show there were 2,626,389 NICS checks conducted in September, second only to the 2,892,115 conducted in September 2020.

Breitbart News reported a similar story regarding August 2021 NICS checks, as FBI figures showed 2,715,223 NICS checks were conducted during August 2021. That was second only to the 3,115,063 NICS checks conducted in August 2020.

July 2021 provided a similar scenario. There were 2,882,676 NICS checks conducted in July 2o21, second only to the 3,639,224 conducted in July 2020.

There were record NICS checks for 17 straight months, January 2020 through May 2021, with each of those 17 months breaking every previous record for NICS checks in that respective month.

In other words, January 2020 saw more NICS checks than any previous January, February 2020 saw more than any previous February, March 2020 more than any previous March, and so on, all the way through May 2021.

NICS checks do not provide a precise measurement of the number of guns sold, and that is because the background check is provided on the purchaser rather than the gun. And upon passing a background check, a purchaser may purchase multiple guns.

Moreover, some states regularly perform checks on concealed carry permit holders in an effort to keep watch on possible criminal behavior.

Sources: Breitbart: September 2021 Saw Second-Most Background Checks of Any September in History

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