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CNN Caught Spewing This Dangerous Lie

Misinforming the public warrants a reward?

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Reporting on the Mirror – CNN

  • A more un-self-aware moment may not be found this year.

Recently the Emmys were awarded, and this year, CNN pocketed seven of the trophies of such deep significance that Andrew Cuomo was given one for…just doing stuff on some shows. One of the more noteworthy awards, in particular, is of interest here as CNN was lauded for their coverage of the George Floyd riots last year.

Making this all the more curious is how their field reporter, Omar Jimenez, was one of their personalities touting the accomplishment.

The significance cannot be underscored enough – especially since CNN appears oblivious to how bad this all looks. Not only are they rewarded for delivering slanted and inaccurate coverage of the riots – uh, “mostly peaceful protests” – but Jimenez is the reporter on screen for their most infamous example of delivering fake coverage of these events.

Both Kinds of Standards – NEW YORK TIMES

  • Contradicting oneself within a paragraph is something only Pulitzer winners can pull off.

Contradicting oneself within a paragraph is something only Pulitzer winners can pull off.
It has become one of the most obvious examples of the widespread bias in the press. This year, we have seen a number of examples of select politicians angering their party and drawing media attention by voting in opposition to the majority, but the treatment of these individuals is vastly different based on their party. Currently, Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are under fire for contradicting the Democratic Party wishes, but when Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger defied the GOP, the press hailed them as brave truth-telling heroes.

Exemplifying this dichotomy is Thomas Friedman, as he penned a column praising Liz Cheney and all the while asked if any Democrats were likewise brave. He does briefly mention Sen. Sinema, but it was probably better had he not, as he ties himself into a knot of contradiction.

– “And are centrist Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema ready to risk not being re-elected the way Liz Cheney has by forging a substantive compromise to ensure that consequential election integrity, infrastructure and Build Back Better measures go forward? Or are they just the Democratic equivalents of the careerist hacks keeping Trump afloat — people so attached to their $174,000 salaries and free parking at Reagan National Airport that they will risk nothing?”

First, he is implying that they would be braver to vote in line with Nancy Pelosi’s wishes, rather than the riskier move of opposing their entire party. But he fails to grasp that by saying they are trying to preserve their jobs by voting the way they do, it means they are voting according to the wishes of their voting base. That is, they are truly representing their constituents.

The irony is that in accusing them of threatening democracy with their positions, the result is that in order for these politicians to supposedly preserve our democracy, they need to do the undemocratic thing and NOT represent the people who placed them in D.C.

Pre-Written Field Report – CNN

  • It’s good to have prepared talking points, but better to fact-check those pithy comments before airtime.

On the dwindling morning show “New Day,” the hosts had on Dr. Abdul El-Sayed to help with beating up on Sen. Joe Manchin, but this time it was over global climate warming, ecological, environmental change. However, the learned expert might want to stick with his discipline of medicine since geography poses a bit of a challenge for him.

– “Climate change is ravaging coastal states, like his.”

Except…Joe Manchin is a representative of West Virginia, a decided non-coastal state.

Presentation Paradox – HUFFINGTON POST

  • We get that you are angry, Kate, but YOU may not be aware of why you are angry.

Over at The Huffington Post, one of their national editors, Kate Sheppard, has come forward to state she has tested positive for Covid. The good news is she says she only has mild reactions to this point, so that sounds good. However, she has listed another side-effect of contracting the virus, which appears related to others who may not have gotten the vaccine, unlike herself.

– “So I have a breakthrough case of COVID. It is mild and I just feel like I have a cold. My main symptom is RAGE.”

While her reaction may be outwardly directed, she might want to consider that her anger is possibly in reaction to her avowed messaging failing her? After all, not only is she vaccinated, but as her profile pic displays, she is triply protected by going with a medical mask and a facial shield. And despite all of the approved protocols being followed, she STILL contracted the virus. Almost like these promised safeguards are not as safe as promised.

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – WASHINGTON POST

  • A celebrity crime victim we did not see coming.

Sure, it is news if a celebrity is the victim of a purse snatching. But the way that singer Shakira was mugged makes this SUPER EXTRA BIG NEWS!

Sources: TownHall: CNN Awarded for Delivering Blatant Lies About 2020 Riots

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