DeSantis Urges Biden To Do His Job

And he is fully right to do so.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday afternoon, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasted President Joe Biden and called on him to do his job.He also thoroughly rejected the “biomedical security state” and warned the feds if they try to implement one, he’ll stand in the way.

Illegal border crossings are raging out of control with numbers not seen in 20 years. The number of illegal immigrants carrying and spreading Wuhan coronavirus has reached crisis levels. The Biden administration is not testing individuals before putting them on buses and planes to cities across the country or before releasing them on the streets in Texas.

For the past two weeks, the White House has been aggressively attacking DeSantis in order to deflect responsibility for a rise in Wuhan coronavirus cases and President Biden’s tanking poll numbers.

Sources: TownHall: DeSantis Blasts Biden: ‘Why Don’t You Do Your Job?’

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