Just Another Promise Biden Hasn’t Kept

No surprise though.

A Taliban takeover is underway in Afghanistan under President Joe Biden’s watch. On Thursday, at least 11 U.S. military members were killed in explosions near the Kabul airport as Americans and allies attempt to evacuate. The president has not yet spoken on the tragic situation that only continues to escalate.

The terrorist takeover is a direct result of Biden’s botched withdrawal of forces, which he reportedly signed off on against the advice of military officials, but the president previously promised a “safe and orderly” withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“So, what we’ve been doing — what I’ve been doing and what Secretary Blinken has been doing — has been — we’ve been meeting with our allies, those other nations that have NATO Allies who have troops in Afghanistan as well. And if we leave, we’re going to do so in a safe and orderly way,” Biden said in March. “We’re in consultation, I said, with our allies and partners in how to proceed…”

While the death toll of Americans continues to rise, the president is missing in action. Just weeks ago, Biden said that “no one is being killed” currently in Afghanistan.

Sources: TownHall: Biden Promised a ‘Safe and Orderly’ Afghanistan Withdrawal

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