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Dems Claim YOU Are A Terrorist

They might need a dictionary to check the definition of “Terrorist”.

In the past month 212,000 illegal aliens have overrun the southern border of the United States.

In the past week, the Taliban has overrun American military outposts, and taken for their use—American military equipment, as they prepare to declare victory in the fight that began on 9/11 with planes flying into American buildings.

In the past day you were labeled a terrorist, by—get this—your own Department of Homeland Security. (A department established in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 with the expressed intent of stopping real terrorists.)

You heard me correctly. If you question the wisdom of masking 2-12 year old children in school this year, you’re potentially a terrorist. Or, if you are somehow intellectually curious about the outcome of the 2020 election, when the father of sleazy porn star—Hunter Biden—famous for his laptops, garnered eighty million votes, you’re probably a terrorist. Or worse yet, perhaps you will take a minute to #NeverForget the actual horror that terrorists carried out on us twenty years ago, then you must be someone that the Department of Homeland Security thinks is a terrorist.

And God forbid you celebrate Christmas…

To be clear you were labeled this while actual terrorists are establishing a new caliphate in Afghanistan, and ironically also while people with ties to actual terrorism blended in with hundreds of thousands of poor people and crossed into America unnoticed.

You were labeled this while members of the international press were able to obtain the contents of a laptop lost by the *President’s son (his third) and able to broadly publish actual sex tape footage of said *first-son explaining to a prostitute why he (and his dad) could likely be blackmailed by Russian thugs.

All of this and we aren’t even a full year into the presidency that has ended America.

This isn’t a partisan screed. This is plain fact.

The group of people operating our nation at present believe they will suffer zero consequence for the massive incompetence that they are implementing globally. They honestly believe that if you don’t see things the way they do that you don’t just have a difference of opinion.


They believe you must be dealt with.

They are sending CoVid19 positive people to your urban areas by the millions from the southern border. In the case of California they no longer cooperate with the Joint Terrorism Task Force thus allowing people they have not vetted to work on terror plots they are not monitoring to be carried out against people they obviously do not care about. You!

When asked about the possibility of the Taliban crushing the freedoms of the Afghani people a week ago, Joe Biden brushed off the question. He explained that they could handle it, and it wouldn’t be necessary for us to worry about it. Within days Taliban leaders were going door to door identifying women who should be “contracted” for marriage to their fighters.

As the Taliban toppled the third and second largest cities in the country Biden (taking a minute from his mid-afternoon jello break at Camp David) claimed that it wasn’t his fault because his predecessor never should have negotiated with the Taliban to begin with. He was referring to Trump. But the negotiations began under Obama. And in both cases, neither of his predecessors suggested a pull out so fast that a new terror state would be established before Labor Day.

But now there will be.

And Joe Biden did it.

All on his own he’s managed to reverse 20 years of security and advancement in keeping terrorism far from us. He’s openly allowed those with terrorist ties to cross our borders. He’s manipulated the CoVid19 crisis, while doing everything he could to prevent its solution (remember he campaigned against the vaccine he now begs people to get.)

And if you disagree with him, on these salient issues or much of anything else, then you must be a terrorist yourself.

It’s the only possible explanation.

Sources: TownHall: Of COURSE You’re A Terrorist!

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