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Biden Caught Being Abusive

Biden’s abuse of power has become too visible.

In numerous family therapy courses throughout my graduate training, we studied the cycle of abuse. Right now, we are the victim, and the government is the abuser.

Today I came across a wheel chart that one might use in helping a client or patient determine whether or not they are the victim of abuse in a relationship. I saw it in a whole new light.

Very rarely in my psychological/political career have I seen something so striking as the warning signs of abuse, and the way our government is treating us today. It reads like a modern day Democrat playbook.

The following are the signs of abuse that ordinarily a counselor or therapist might share with their client to try to determine if the person is actually being abused.

1. An abuser stops you from seeing family and friends — but just for 15 days to stop the spread.

2. They won’t let you go out without permission — like a lockdown.

3. The third thing abusers do is tell you what to wear — masks anyone?

4. Monitor your phone calls and emails — like big tech.

5. They control the finances or they won’t let you work — government checks, high unemployment, and closing “non-essential” businesses.

6. They control what you read, watch and say — like the leftist media.

7. They monitor everything you do — I’m sure the NSA doesn’t have data collected on ALL of us, right?

8. The abuser traditionally punishes you for breaking the rules but the abuser keeps changing the rules — no masks, masks, 2 masks, vax, no masks, vax isn’t as effective as we thought, wear masks again.

9. Abusers tell you this is all being done for your own good and that they know better than you — like nanny state government.

10. They don’t allow you to question them — Have you been cancelled yet?

11. The abuser tells you you’re crazy and that nobody agrees with you — even though you could fill stadiums full of people who agree with you and the abuser can’t fill a large van.

12. They call you names (like Nazi and insurrectionist) and shame you for being stupid and selfish — so selfish that you want to make your own medical decisions.

13. Your abuser will gaslight you, challenge your memory of events that you know you saw with your own eyes — “January 6th was a deadly insurrection… ” How many died that day? Who did the killing? How can it be an insurrection if no one has been charged with insurrection?

14. The abuser dismisses your opinions and is always the one to play the victim — and we know the left has perfected playing the victim.

15. Finally, if things go wrong the abuser blames you (and Trump) — all those deaths must be because of the evil unmasked and unvaxxed.

It’s shocking, isn’t it?

I don’t practice, and I haven’t sat across the sofa from a client in a long while. If you were a client and I were your therapist I would advise you to stop it. Stop right now. Tell the government NO!

I would tell you you’re not crazy. Your abuser is insane for doing this to you. But we, as an electorate, have enabled our abuser and given him a foothold to keep abusing.

I would also tell you that you are jeopardizing your children’s futures if you don’t draw the line now.

And finally, I would tell you the hardest thing I have ever had to tell a therapy client… if you don’t stop him now, since he checks every box in the abuse cycle… you will die.

The precipice is crossed, and the conclusion is drawn. There is no love here. Your government has abused you to the point of trying to kill you. What more does he have to do before you walk?

How do you “walk out” on your government?

You fight on every front. Don’t physically attack unless you are cornered in direct threat with all other means of fighting exhausted, or you will be the one in trouble. But fight your abuser, the government, in every other way, on every other platform and plane, with every weapon in your proverbial arsenal.

Your children are watching this cycle of abuse. End it now. And tell everyone you know that they, too, must end the cycle of abuse now.

Sources: TownHall: Your Government Is an Official Abuser

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