A 7-Year-Old Kid Knows More Than Biden

Support the vets – She has her priorities straight, unlike Biden.

This 7-year-old girl is helping veterans in her community.

Jade Britt, 7, from Marietta, Georgia, has raised $700 to help homeless veterans in her area, according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

The station reported that Britt raised the money from her community to make care packages for the veterans.

According to the station, Britt and her mom, Holly Britt, brought some of those care packages to the Marietta Veterans Center on Thursday.

FOX 5 reported that helping veterans, in particular, is special to Britt, whose grandfather served in the Vietnam War.

Holly told FOX 5: “The Marietta Veterans Center, that’s important because it’s part of our community and we always want to help home first.”

“And the people here help people,” Holly added. “They really actually help. They don’t talk about helping, they help with so many resources that they have for veterans.”

Sources: FoxNews: 7-year-old girl helps raise money for homeless veterans: ‘Help home first’

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