Another Reason To Refuse The Vaccine

They will keep trying, just keep refusing.

I’ll repeat that I got COVID, recovered from it, and still got the vaccine when it became available. They’re safe. They work. It was my choice. Some folks are different. Others did not get jabbed for whatever reason. That’s fine. This is America. And with the experts flopping all over the place while also being caught lying, colluding with teachers’ unions to keep schools closed, and outright peddling science fiction—I don’t blame those who are hesitant. As we’ve noted before, vaccination from anything was always a controversial topic. Parenting is a can of worms that politicians would normally avoid. Nothing is more dangerous to a political career than a large bloc of angry parents in the suburbs. So, let’s stop acting like vaccine hesitancy is a new phenomenon in the same way how vaccines are not 100 percent effective, though these offer great protection against severe illness and death, and how viruses mutate. There will be variants.

The Delta variant is not more lethal. It doesn’t make you sicker if infected. It is more transmissible, but all three vaccines are effective and readily available. Also, those who are naturally immune—the folks who contracted and recovered from COVID—also have a neutralizing response per Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins. Natural immunity is a disregarded subject which is mind-boggling, as studies show re-infection is immensely rare, but back to the CDC being morons.

These people want us to get vaccinated but do a crackerjack job in gutting their own mission. Seriously, get the shot, but keep living in fear. And now, the COVID vaccine corollary. The experts say that COVID could be a few mutations away from being able to evade the vaccines.

“What the f**k is this messaging,” noted Guy. Yeah, I don’t know either.

CDC: Get the shot, but it’ll be worthless soon. Clap it up, you insufferable idiots (via NY Post):

COVID-19 may be “just a few mutations” away from being able to evade vaccines, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky warned Tuesday.
Walensky said the current vaccines are effective against severe cases of the coronavirus, including those caused by its known variants, but its continuing spread could allow the disease to mutate beyond the immunizations’ protection.
“The largest concern that I think we in public health and sciences are worried about is that virus and potential mutations … [have] the potential to evade our vaccine in terms of how it protects us from severe disease and death,” Walensky said at a press briefing.
“Right now, fortunately, we are not there.

Yeah, when you hear this, how can you blame those who are still on the fence about the COVID vaccine. You can’t. It keeps these people in the position of neutral on getting jabbed. It also gives the anti-vaxxers to run wild about the vaccines don’t work. Again, the CDC and the experts have given this group of folks all the ammunition they need, albeit unintentionally.

I want people to get vaccinated if they choose, but for those resisting—I really can’t blame you.

Sources: TownHall: For COVID Vaccine Hesitaters, The CDC Just Gave You Another Reason NOT to Get the Shot

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