Dem. Reporter Bashes Biden’s Team

Another case of leftists turning on Biden!

The purge is coming. Actually, a soft version of it already happened after the 2020 election, but the real purge is coming. The previous one was merely a test run. Last Friday, White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki was quite clear that if you’re banned on one platform, you should be banned on all of them. Who the hell are these people? We were worried about authoritarianism under Trump which was always an overreaction by the liberal media because they’re babies, but this was an actual shot across the bow. Big government and the communists in Silicon Valley uniting to censor political speech they don’t like. I know I don’t need to say more on the subject, but even liberal reporters, like Glenn Greenwald, are appalled by this move, calling it some “pernicious shit.”

“Seriously, who the f**k is the White House to be dictating who should and should not be banned from social media platforms, to keep lists of who they think are the spreaders of ‘misinformation,’ and then pressure companies they regulate to obey?” he wrote in a Twitter thread.

“Another crucial point: you don’t have imagine or speculate that maybe the WH will start abusing this “misinformation” claim to censor content politically damaging to them. They already did it: when Dems, media & tech monopolies censored the Biden archive based on this CIA lie.”

Greenwald was referring to the Hunter Biden laptop story which wasn’t a Russian misinformation ploy. Is he shocked the Biden White House made this move? No. He saw this coming when The New York Post and other outlets censored all stories about Hunter Biden in the twilight of the 2020 election.

Sources: TownHall: ‘This Is Pernicious S**t’: Liberal Reporter Rips Biden White House’s Endorsement for Social Media Purges

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