Biden Spends His Time Licking Ice Cream…

As if he shouldn’t be busy running our country!

President Joe Biden on Sunday celebrated national ice cream day by posting an image of himself grabbing a large cone and posing for a selfie.

The president posted the picture on Twitter with the caption “Happy National Ice Cream Day, folks.”

Biden has made it clear that he is a fan of the sweet treat, joking during a speech in 2016 at Jeni’s Ice Cream factory about how much he consumes.

“My name is Joe Biden and I love ice cream,” the then-vice president said as he kicked off his remarks. “You all think I’m kidding – I’m not.”

Cornell University developed a Joe Biden flavor in 2017 when he gave the convocation address at the school, called “Big Red, White & Biden.” The flavor was vanilla with chunks of chocolate, which is said to be the president’s favorite.

Sources: FoxNews: Biden poses with ice cream cone on ‘national ice cream day’

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