They Refuse To Show Trump On TV

Technical issues? Nice excuse.

Dana White says former President Donald Trump wasn’t shown during UFC 264 because of tech issues.

As viewers of the highly-anticipated event know, Trump was in the building to watch Conor McGregor fight this past Saturday, but he never appeared on the PPV broadcast.

During an interview with TMZ, White explained that Trump was supposed to be shown right before the McGregor fight, but a “glitch in the truck” screwed the situation up.

White, who is close friends with Trump, called the situation a “massive f**k up.” He also talked about how the crowd went absolutely insane for the 45th President when he entered the arena.

Some conspiracy theorists might not buy White’s explanation, but I 100% believe it. White and Trump are old friends, UFC fans love Trump and there’s no chance they wouldn’t promote a former POTUS at a fighting event.

That’s great PR and it’s free PR. White knows how to move the needle, and Trump moves the needle in a major way. He was a rock star when he entered the building for UFC 264.

I mean, does anyone honestly believe Dana White would purposely miss out on showing his friend and former President during the biggest fighting event of 2021?

No chance in hell. No chance in hell would White make that decision!

Tech issues happen. It’s just the nature of the business. It’s just a shame viewers at home didn’t get to see a former POTUS soaking up some UFC action.

No matter which President it is, it’s great for the brand to have one sitting near the octagon.

Sources: DailyCaller: Dana White Says The TV Not Showing Donald Trump During UFC 264 Was A ‘Massive F**k Up

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