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Biden Makes Another Illogical Decision

His decision makes no sense.

For the Biden administration, European nations who maintain 21st century standard health care, conduct frequent testing, offer widespread access to vaccines, and publish transparent, timely data about their progress are just too much of a danger to America’s public health.

Unlike Syrians or El Salvadoreans whose entry aligns with Biden’s politics, Spaniards and Swedes must languish in their separation from American family members because their heartbreak is simply not compelling enough to grant them visits with visas. The Biden administration is clearly unmoved by their suffering, and they’re not interested in arguments from businesses and foreign governments to act quickly. They’ve ignored pleas from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, airlines, and a whole host of European diplomats who have expressed repeatedly how crucial it is to normalize international business and permit the free movement of people through allied nations.

With the travel ban now in its 17th month, they’ve begged for it to be lifted, or at the very least, for Biden to issue guidance on when it will be. In both cases, the Biden administration has refused, only providing vague answers about being committed to safety and offering no firm timeline on when America will reopen to Europe. For now, some travelers may score an exemption with special political or diplomatic qualifications. But ordinary people are simply out of luck. The social-media hashtag #LoveIsNotTourism is filled with heartbreaking accounts of couples and families torn apart by the travel ban — Britons who haven’t met their grandkids yet, Germans who can’t marry their American fiancées, French citizens living in the U.S. who still can’t see their relatives.

Sources: HotAir: The inhumanity of Joe Biden’s travel ban

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