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Dems Cause These Residents To Flee Their Homes

40% of them have left!

According to the poll, more than 40 percent of the respondents said they plan to move out of the city in the next few years.

Lindsay Stevens, who lived in San Francisco for 12 years until last weekend, told CBS San Francisco that, “There’s nothing worse than seeing such a beautiful place in such disarray.” Stevens added, “I really thought I was going to be sad when the movers loaded up the last container on Saturday, and I have never been more relieved.”

The poll also found that an overwhelming amount (80 percent) of the respondents said crime in the city has worsened over the recent years. Additionally, the poll shows that 70 percent of the respondents said their quality of life has declined, and 88 percent said homelessness has also gotten worse.

Minku Lee, a San Francisco resident, said he was “racially and physically attacked by a homeless man” who also used racial slurs against him. Lee added that the homeless person “forcibly pushed me over, slash tripped me,” and he is “really startled by the incident.”

More so, 82 percent of the respondents polled from the survey also said they would “like to see more caseworkers on the streets to help people with mental illness and substance use problems,” with nearly 75 percent saying they support having a more temporary shelter for the homeless population that plagues the city.

The poll was released by the SF Chamber of Commerce, which is based on the feedback they received from over 500 registered voters in San Francisco.

Sources: Breitbart: Poll: 40% of San Francisco Residents Plan to Move Due to Homeless and Crime

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