Americans Blame Kamala Harris for Border Negligence

There is no one else to blame.

The Biden administration is under fire for the border crisis that is growing by the day. Vice President Kamala Harris, the president’s designated “border czar,” took 91 days to visit the southern border and see the crisis created by the administration for herself, but there’s still no sign of change coming from the administration. The crisis began growing after President Biden rescinded the previous administration’s policies that cracked down on illegal crossings. New polling shows that Americans agree that the crisis is severe and that the Biden administration created the problem.

A fresh Harvard Caps/Harris poll shows that 74 percent of respondents believe that the border crisis is dire and must be addressed immediately, while 56 percent disagree with the vice president that climate change, sexism, and racism are “root causes” of migration. Voters surveyed, 74 percent to be exact, also believe that Harris should have visited the border much sooner; 44 percent of respondents said that she is doing a bad job, while 26 percent said she is doing an adequate job, and just 30 percent said the VP is doing a good job as border czar. Voters also agreed overwhelmingly that the border crisis is the product of the Biden administration, not of the Trump administration, and that the former president’s immigration policies were effective.

Still, the vice president is blaming the Trump administration for the crisis.

Sources: TownHall: Poll: Americans Blame Kamala Harris for Border Negligence

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