Press Kept Out of Biden Meeting With Top Enemy

Why are they scared of the press?

Members of the media covering President Biden’s first foreign trip in Europe found themselves shut out of today’s bilateral meeting with Turkey’s Erdogan for more than one hour, calling into question the Biden administration’s dedication to transparency.

“1.5 hours and counting outside the room where President Biden is meeting with Turkish leader Erdogan,” tweeted the Washington Post’s Anne Gearan. “We were supposed to go in for a picture and remarks at the start,” she added while noting that “Turkish official media was allowed in” and they were given “no explanation” for the American media’s exclusion. The Turkish Presidency Twitter account posted photos of Biden and Erdogan while U.S. reporters were stuck waiting outside the meeting room.

Ed O’Keefe, a senior correspondent for CBS News, noted that the lack of access at NATO followed “significant access issues over the weekend at the G-7” summit, an adventure during which President Biden reportedly had a tough time keeping up with his fellow world leaders.

When American media finally gained access to the room where the bilateral meeting took place, Biden didn’t have much to say about what he’d discussed with Erdogan, according to Bloomberg’s Josh Wingrove.

It seems that the Biden administration’s lack of effort to secure access for American media—a group that routinely shows Biden a great deal of deference—has worn out its welcome with reporters.

Perhaps it’s that White House reporters miss the access granted by the previous administration, one with press staff who would literally shove North Koreans out of the way to ensure American media could have access to President Trump’s meetings with world leaders.

Sources: TownHall: ‘No Explanation’: Press Kept Out of Biden Meeting with Turkey’s Erdogan

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