Biden Is Burning America Down

He is not the leader America needs.

Joe Biden is on a mission to destroy. Decked out in aviator sunglasses and a very questionable grasp on reality, the president is set on ushering in a wave of radical changes that will give Democrats unfettered ability to silence opposition and a blank check to fund their leftist pet projects.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their radical compatriots in Congress know that their schemes would be wildly unpopular if the American people knew the truth—but too many never hear the reality of the Democrats’ plans and how those plans have already damaged our country. That’s why we need your direct support: to tell the truth.

A jobs market crippled by government welfare. Soaring inflation. Streams of illegals invading our southern border. Police departments hemorrhaging good men and women. Emboldened hostile nations including China, Russia, and Iran. New attacks against our ally Israel. Gas shortages and rising fuel prices.

All the while Democrats and their media pals enjoy puff pieces and glowing coverage of their devastating plans and results.

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Rather than playing within the lines of governance, liberals don’t want to deal with pesky debate or face hurdles as they forcibly ram their plans through Congress. Their solution: abolish the filibuster. As always, biased media repeatedly covers for this radical move by going along with the bald-faced lie that the filibuster is a racist relic of a bygone era while conveniently ignoring all the times Democrats themselves used the legislative strategy.

They want to pack the Supreme Court with radical leftists who don’t think the Constitution is an adequate governing document. Of course, sympathetic mainstream media happily reported the Democrat lie that they’re actually “unpacking” the court.

When Democrats realized some in their own caucus weren’t willing to go along with their damaging agenda, they attempted to again ignore the constitution and add Washington, D.C., as the 51st state, in order to give Schumer two more faithful minions. And as an even bigger power grab, they’re attempting a federal takeover of America’s elections with H.R. 1.

In cities across America, Democrats continue an assault on the safety of their citizens. Whether it’s defunding police with deadly results or turning a blind eye to mob violence, cities are being destroyed while those in charge enjoy private security protection.

Despite what Biden and his cronies are doing to America, our patriotic way of life is not a lost cause. We can and must respond to the lies of the Left with reality. And we need your help to tell the stories the rest of the media buries or ignores.

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Sources: TownHall: Biden Is Burning America Down

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