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Crime Skyrockets After Dems Repeal Important Law

It’s still a major problem in this nation.

A video posted online Thursday appears to show heavily armed anarchist activists in Portland, Oregon, holding up a man in his truck.

After the man seemingly tries to break through the activists while brandishing a gun, they tackle him to the ground.

The video was first posted by left-wing Twitter account Durham Operations and later reposted by One America News Network’s Jack Posobiec, where the clip went viral, amassing more than 500,000 views.

“You better f***ing not! You better f***ing not! You better f***ing not!” one of the numerous activists, gun-in-hand, yells at a man in a red truck. “Put your f***ing gun down! Put your f***ing gun down!”

Video then shows that the man, surrounded by at least a dozen armed activists, later gets out of his vehicle with a gun. The man and the activists shove each other and the man is eventually tackled to the ground as an activist screams to take the man’s gun.

Democrat-controlled Portland has been a disaster zone overtaken by left-wing activists.

The Daily Wire reported this month that the Portland Police Department (PPD) and the FBI are investigating a purported left-wing Antifa video message threatening the city’s Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler.

“In a video that surfaced online last week, a person in a white mask standing outside a light rail station says that Antifa will continue to riot and destroy the city until Wheeler resigns from office,” The Daily Wire reported. “At the end of the video, the person also threatens Wheeler directly while flashing the mayor’s home address on screen.”

Here’s the transcript of the message:

Hello. We come to you as a small collective within the anarchist and antifascist community and I speak for the whole. As each individual may carry different ideologies and beliefs about how things could should or will be accomplished, we hope with this message to simply convey a few points that are commonly agreed upon within this community.
The mayor of this city is undeserving of his position. He has made it abundantly clear that windows to him are more important than human lives. But we are not just challenging the idea of having Ted as a mayor. We are challenging the idea of having mayors at all. We want abolition. Abolition is absolute. If peaceful marches, speeches and voting were enough to bring about goal, then we would have already been there. Window smashing and riots are a necessary escalation when those in power have proven that they are unwilling to listen and have made the choice to ignore you. We are moving with a sense of urgency because not only is the system destroying us, it is destroying the very planet that we live on.
This movement encompasses the very liberation of all those oppressed by the system whether it be black, indigenous, Hispanic, etc. Nobody owns this movement, and wanting to or trying to claim ownership of this movement just leads to more division, which is counterproductive to all of our goals. We are on the same side though, and the more time we spend fighting each other, the less energy we have to fight the true enemy. So let’s start local with our own city’s failed leadership.
Ted, we are asking for the last time that you resign. If you ignore this message outright, the destruction to your precious way of life is going to escalate. Blood is already on your hands, Ted. The next time it may just be your own.

WATCH (warning: language, violence):

Sources: DailyWire: Video Appears To Show Armed Anarchists In Portland Holding Up Man At Gunpoint, Assaulting Him When He Tries To Defend Himself

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