Biden Throws CDC Under The Bus

Remember when Trump did that?

President Joe Biden, who is vaccinated for Wuhan coronavirus, immediately broke new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control Tuesday afternoon during an announcement about wearing masks outdoors. The new guidance says Americans don’t need to wear masks alone outdoors, or in small groups of other vaccinated people. That didn’t stop Biden from wearing one before his remarks.

In addition to his remarks about new CDC guidance, Biden made bizarre comments about the number of “white people” and “people of color” who have been vaccinated.

“Two-thirds of our seniors are fully vaccinated. More than 80 percent of our seniors have had a least one shot. That effort resulted in a drop of 80 percent in deaths in seniors. A 70 percent drop in hopsitlizations,” Biden said. “By the way, based on reported data a proportion of seniors who have been vaccinated is essentially equal between white and seniors of color. I said from the beginning we were going to fight this virus with equity, equity for all. In fact, if I’m not mistaken there are more Latinos and African-American seniors that have been vaccinated as a percentage than white seniors. These numbers are a sign of process on that front as well,” Biden said.

Sources: TownHall: On Outdoor Masking, Biden Immediately Breaks New CDC Rules

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