Poll Question – Did Biden Cause the Border Crisis?

We asked our readers this question!

Democrats and Joe Biden are trying to deflect the blame for the border crisis they caused. Right after the election, Biden essentially yelled with a megaphone, inviting every person into our country.

This has led to record levels of men, women, and children making the treacherous journey to our southern border.

Democrats are trying to blame President Trump for the mess. Republicans say it is Biden’s fault.

The big question we are asking our readers today. Who is at fault?

Did Biden Cause the Border Crisis?

And boy did our readers respond! As of this writing, we have received 820,529 answers to our poll.

Here are the results:

Did Joe Biden Cause the Border Crisis?

Yes – 682,401 (82.1%)

No – 138,128 (16.9%)

As you can see, Americans believe that Biden is to blame for the most recent border crisis. Hopefully for all of us, it gets solved, and it gets solved soon.

What do you think?

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  1. Biden did create the crisis at the border with the help from the democratic party. The used everything including cheating the election. If we don’t get him out soon we’ll be answering to China!!! He’s corrupt, he lies and is giving our country away!

  2. Socialism communism marxism leftist should not be allowed in any part of American government. Once it gets in its like cancer .patriots will have to totally eradicate it to cure it. Keep your powder dry America !!!

  3. Joe Biden is responsible for this latest crisis and must believe that if he ignores it, it will go away. He seems to have care takers that tell him what to do. Regardless of what he does, he is still responsible for creating a situation that won’t go away in the near future, even if he isn’t the President after 4 years.

  4. Biden is responsible for the border crisis and will never be able to live it down. It has and will continue to cause problems for every state in the union. It’s my understanding that illegal aliens are being loaded into buses and dropped off in small cities and towns without warning to those in charge of those cities and towns that these aliens are going to arrive.

  5. No, although he may have hand in it he’s receiving his orders from the more higher ups like George Soros and others. Biden is not an order giver, he’s an order taker.

  6. BIden is an old fool/idiot, I often wondered about him now I know his name is right up there with SHIT and he is giving the Democrat party the same name. They seem to busy with their other Crap task to tasks to notice.
    Perhaps they just don’t give a darn on way or the other. THat bad name may be the downfall o Democrats state and country wide..

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