Google Caught Censoring Conservative News Outlet

Google has long been accused of censoring Conservative content. This time, they were caught red handed.

Google has been sending emails from major conservative news outlets, including our own,, to spam.

Their reason? LeftRightIQ is spreading views that Google deems “too conservative”.

Fortunately, there is an easy, 60-second way that you can help.

These steps are outlined below. They will override Google’s biased algorithm and start allowing Conservative outlets everywhere reporting again.


Here are the simple steps you can take to help us!
​It only takes 60 seconds!

Step 1 – Go into your spam folder and find ALL emails from Right Vs. Left

Step 2 – Open the email and mark not spam.

Step 3 – Click on a story in the email.

Step 4 – Reply to the email. Our writers will respond to you! We love hearing from you. YOU are the reason we do this.

Step 5 – Move our email from the promotions tab to the inbox tab.

Step 6 – Add United We Stand to your contacts so Google knows you are a real human being.


This is the way to ensure Conservative views are not censored and removed from the internet forever.

What do you think?

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