Illegal Migrants Making Game Out Of Crossing Border

They call it the “River Boat Ride”.

In a video credited to Tripwires and Triggers, a human smuggler can be seen calmly rowing a raft of migrants as a long line of people wait on the Mexican side to cross. The video has since been widely shared on Facebook and on Twitter by users in the Rio Grande Valley.

“Hola,” a man on the U.S. side can be heard saying to a masked human smuggler wearing camouflaged clothing. The smuggler replies “good afternoon” and the two exchange pleasantries as the migrants climb off the raft.

Once the migrants gets off the raft, the smuggler yells back “Right now we will bring the rest.”

The video comes at a time when migrants seeking entry into the U.S. has spiked under the popular belief that President Joe Biden will grant passage or some form of legal status. This week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott blamed the Biden Administration for enabling drug to exploit women and children from Central America.

“The cartels are quite literally being enriched,” Abbott stated. “The Biden Administration is helping cartels make more money.”

Sources: Breitbart: WATCH: Long Line of Migrants Wait to Cross Texas Border by Raft

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