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Pelosi Admits She Does Not Want The Pandemic To End

Then her socialist agenda would fall down.

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) wants to know what Speaker Pelosi’s plan is for reopening the United States Capitol to visitors.

“Nearly a year ago today, you made the decision to close the Capitol to visitors and begin implementing new protocols to govern access and movement of the members and staff of the Capitol complex,” McCarthy wrote to the speaker. “But since that time, we have learned more about the virus and have made monumental strides in our scientific and technological endeavors.”

McCarthy pointed out that upwards of 75 percent of House lawmakers are fully vaccinated, and argued that procedure can begin to return to normal. He asked Pelosi to expand on her agenda for proxy voting, in-person committee work, accessibility to the Capitol, and House floor procedures. The Republican leader argued that the time to reopen the Capitol to American visitors has come.

“Simply put: it’s time that we return to regular order. House Republicans are eager for the chance to reopen the People’s House, restore America’s voice in Congress, and work day in and day out to address the many concerns our constituents face,” McCarthy concluded. He also addressed the fencing currently in place at the Capitol, which is another barrier keeping visitors away from the complex.

Capitol Police have not yet included when the fencing can be taken down.

Sources: TownHall: Kevin McCarthy Asks Pelosi What Her Plan Is for a Return to Normalcy at the Capitol

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