Why Do Democrats Fail To Call Out Sexual Harrasment When It’s Within Their Own Party?

The hypocrasy is clear.

“Do you believe the governor and his response to these allegations? Do you think what he is saying is credible at this point?” a reporter asked the mayor, who issued a clear response.

“No,” de Blasio stated without hesitation:

The New York City mayor has remained a consistent critic of Cuomo as the allegations of inappropriate behavior have continued to mount. Last week, a former press aide stepped forward, joining Cuomo’s other accusers. She alleged that the Democrat politician once invited her to his hotel room over two decades ago, when he led the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Former policy aide Ana Liss also jumped into the fray, alleging that Cuomo “allegedly called her ‘sweetheart,’ kissed her hand once, and asked personal questions such as if she had a boyfriend” when she worked for the governor between 2013 and 2015, as Breitbart News reported.

“I just don’t see how he can govern effectively when fewer and fewer people believe him,” de Blasio told reporters on Monday. “And I think there’s more information that’s going to come out that makes it harder and harder.”

Cuomo has continued to deny the allegations, admitting only to unintentionally acting in a way that “made people feel uncomfortable.”

“I truly and deeply apologize for it. I feel awful about it, and frankly, I am embarrassed by it, and that’s not easy to say. But that’s the truth,” he told reporters last week, agreeing to cooperate with an independent review conducted by the attorney general and urging New Yorkers to “get the facts” before forming an opinion.

Cuomo reiterated that there is “no way” he will resign, despite the increasing calls for him to step down.

Sources: Breitbart: Bill de Blasio: Andrew Cuomo’s Denial of Sexual Harassment Allegations Is Not Credible

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