Illegal Immigration Is Making Democrats Look Weak And Incompetent

This will be the biggest concern in the next election.

A survey by Echelon Insights finds that above all other issues, illegal immigration concerns Republican voters the most.

When asked to rank issues by level of concern, nearly 6-in-10 Republicans said they are “extremely concerned” about illegal immigration, while 22 percent said they are “very concerned.” Another seven percent of Republicans said they are “somewhat concerned” about illegal immigration.

The second most concerning issue to Republicans is anti-law enforcement rhetoric. About 59 percent said they were extremely concerned about the issue, 20 percent said they were very concerned, and 14 percent said they were somewhat concerned.

The two issues, along with higher taxes on the middle class and liberal bias in the establishment media, are more concerning to Republican voters than even the economic damage spurred by the coronavirus crisis.

Republican voters’ concerns over illegal immigration come as President Joe Biden has ended the Remain in Mexico policy, restarted the Catch and Release program, and canceled cooperative asylum agreements with Central America.

The results have been a surge of illegal immigration at the southern border, amounting to a nearly 160 percent increase in border apprehensions compared to last year, and mass releases of border crossers into the U.S. interior without coronavirus testing requirements.

Likewise, Biden has issued memos that have dismantled interior immigration enforcement. The policies are likely to prevent 9-in-10 deportations of illegal aliens, creating a “sanctuary country” policy that shields most illegal aliens from arrest.

The Biden administration’s latest measure includes flying border crossers into the U.S. interior to undisclosed American cities where they are unlikely to be deported even if they are found to have an illegitimate asylum claim.

The survey included 1,005 U.S. voters and was conducted from February 12 to 18.

Sources: Breitbart: Survey: GOP Voters Are Most Concerned About Illegal Immigration to U.S.

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