John Kerry Just Had Secret Meeting With Iran and Republicans Are Perplexed As To Why

What is he trying to do?

Former Trump administration officials are blasting Climate Czar John Kerry for holding a series of secret talks with the blood thirsty Iranian regime in order to undermine President Trump’s foreign policy goals in the Middle East.

Former Trump State Department official and Iranian refugee Ellie Cohanim is calling the move “anti-American” and pushing back on the Biden administration’s latest capitulation to the regime.

“What John Kerry did is anti-American. He’s demonstrated a very cozy relationship with Iran and one can’t help but think about what happened with General Flynn who was in office and punished for having conversations with foreign governments. John Kerry did this when he was out of office. You have to wonder what exactly was it John Kerry was advising the Iranians because the Trump Administration wanted to hold the Iranians accountable with a maximum pressure campaign which was the strongest pressure campaign in history against the rogue regime so what exactly was it that John Kerry was telling them,” Cohanim said during an interview with Fox and Friends. “The maximum pressure campaign worked. The Iranians are at the weakest point in 43 years. They have been devastated in their economy. The Iranian people have taken to the streets and protested over and over again. And, the Iranian regime is struggling with COVID.”

“The Iranian regime is on the verge of collapse. They’re the ones who need the United States. The Biden administration has been practicing what I call diplomatic malpractice. We need to stop making unilateral consensus to the Iranian regime,” she continued.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also weighed in on Kerry’s behavior and secret meetings earlier this week.

Sources: TownHall: John Kerry Blasted as ‘Anti-American’ for Secret Meetings with Iran

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