Facebook CEO Has More Power Than Any Other Person In America

No one realized how influential he is over Biden.

“We removed Kevin Sorbo’s Page for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines,” a Facebook spokesperson told Breitbart News.

Sorbo reacted to being banned from the social media platform in an interview with Fox Business, claiming that he had already been shadow-banned “for a year now,” adding that Facebook would oftentimes tell him to take down his posts, and that he would comply.

“Every time, they’d come back to me and say, ‘Hey, look, we got to get rid of this, because we think this is — fake news.’ I take it down, even though I could argue with that, but, you know, I don’t want to lose my page” said Sorbo.

“But this time around, they just took me down,” the actor added. “There were no warnings or anything like that. I’ve been more than happy to take down whatever offensive post that Facebook deemed that I should not be posting.”

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“They just seem to have a blanket statement that says, ‘This does not meet with our guidelines, and we’re taking it down,’ or, ‘Would you please take it down, otherwise — you’re going to lose your account,’” Sorbo continued.

“I post things that usually come from what other doctors are saying about the virus, or what other people are saying about the voter fraud, and that doesn’t fit their narrative, they just get rid of you,” he added.

“Freedom of speech, obviously, as we know, has gone out the window,” said Sorbo.

The actor also mentioned that he is “more than happy to leave Facebook,” but wishes that he had the chance to at least tell his 500,000 Facebook followers where they can follow him on CloutHub or Parler before he got banned from Zuckerberg’s platform.

“I’m more than happy to leave Facebook, but don’t take away the followers,” said Sorbo. “Because the majority of them obviously liked what I was saying, and liked my movies and TV shows.”

In response to what can be done about combating the woke online mob attempting to cancel conservatives, the actor said, “all I can say is that I find it amazing that a place like Facebook has more power than our government, apparently.”

“And the government allows them to do what they’re doing right now, in terms of just canceling people that they don’t agree with,” he continued.

“Being a Christian and a conservative in Hollywood, that’ kind of is like being a double leper, so I’ve got my own battles to deal with,” Sorbo added. “And thank God for independent movies, otherwise I wouldn’t have a career right now.”

Sources: Breitbart: Kevin Sorbo on Facebook Blacklisting: Zuckerberg Has More Power Than Our Government

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