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Democrats Spew Hate Towards The Late Rush Limbaugh

The Democrat party encourages this type of speech.

These wicked and vicious people enjoy verified social media accounts and social status. These godless people who brim with bitterness and hate, who feast off death as some sort of cosmic retribution against us, have been normalized and accepted and embraced by the establishment media, big tech, academia, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party.

Worse still, these are the people who want to rule over us… Not only those who openly hate us so much they celebrate our deaths, but those who accept and enable this hate.

Look at this. And this. And this. And this. There’s more out there. So much more that #RestInPiss trended on Twitter.

Of course terrible people are going to behave terribly. That’s not my point.

My point is that five massive American institutions that are desperately seeking to seize the power to rule over us, are literally dominated by those who openly celebrate our deaths, and do so only because they disagree with our politics.

Cop killers they mourn.

You and I, they want dead.

It is simply a fact that no one openly celebrating Rush Limbaugh’s death, who is saying the most vile and dishonest and cruel things, and doing so in public while his family, friends, and fans mourn, will pay any kind of social penalty within these five institutions.


Because within these five institutions, cherishing and wishing for our deaths is acceptable and desired behavior.

We can never allow ourselves to forget how vile and wicked and dangerous these people and their institutions truly are.

We can never allow ourselves to be fooled by the sheen that comes with sitting behind an anchor desk, the glitter of fame and stardom. We can never allow ourselves to be fooled by their empty proclamations about decency and humanity… It’s all a ruse, all gaslighting, all Vaseline smeared over a warped lens.

Allow me to be blunt…

We can never allow ourselves to forget that these people fucking hate us and want us dead, and that this is why they want to herd us into their government healthcare system, why they want us disarmed, why they want to defund the police, why they champion and fund and enable the domestic terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Let me tell you something…

If there was a red button that would magically give everyone who voted for Donald Trump incurable, stage 4 lung cancer, and you handed that red button to Don Lemon, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, Kamala Harris, Joy Reid, Jake Tapper, Chris Hayes, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Todd, AOC, the newsrooms of the Washington Post and New York Times, every big city teachers’ union, everyone at Facebook and Twitter, and every attendee at the Oscars, these godless fuckers would press that button ten times.

Once to give us the cancer, nine more just to be sure.

These people hate us.

They want us dead. And…

They want to rule over us.

Five major American institutions — the Democrat Party, the establishment media, education, big tech, and entertainment — all hate us so much they celebrate our deaths.

We can never-ever-ever allow ourselves to forget that.

Sources: Breitbart: Nolte: Celebrating Rush’s Death Is Acceptable to Media, Big Tech, Hollywood, Democrat Party

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