White House Press Secretary Goes On Crazy Rant

What is the Biden administration feeding her?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s comments about the health and safety precautions one must take even after getting the coronavirus vaccine raised questions on social media about the point of getting inoculated.

“What we are also trying to do is make our health and medical experts available to ensure people understand – and I’ll reiterate it here today – it’s not just a vaccine,” Psaki said Thursday at a press conference. “It’s obviously an incredible medical breakthrough and we want every American to have one, but even after you’re vaccinated, social distancing [and] wearing masks is going to be essential and we’ll need to continue communicating about that through health and medical experts.”

Critics pointed out it has become apparent the precautions were always about “power and control” and Psaki’s comment will only “discourage” people from getting vaccinated.

Sources: TownHall: Psaki: Even After Vaccine, You Still Need to Social Distance and Wear Masks

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