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Your Taxes Are Now Funding Abortions In Other Countries

Biden’s latest executive order is unprecedented.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Thursday afternoon reinstating American taxpayer funding for abortions overseas. In typical fashion, he described the procedure as “women’s healthcare” and accused President Trump, who repealed the measure, of an “attack on women’s health.”

“The second order I’m singing relates to protecting women’s health at home and abroad, and it reinstates the changes that were made to Title 10 and other things, making it harder for women to have access to affordable healthcare as it relates to their reproductive rights,” Biden said from the Oval Office.

Pro-life organizations are pushing back and pointing out the move is wildly out of touch with the American people.

“President Biden’s decision to rescind the Mexico City Policy ignores the opinion of most Americans. The Mexico City Policy acknowledges the decades-long tradition in the United States of not using taxpayer dollars to perform or promote abortion,” Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus Carl Anderson released in a statement. “Our 2021 Knights of Columbus/Marist poll, released earlier this week, found that more than three-quarters of Americans agree that public funds should not be used to fund abortion abroad. This supermajority of Americans includes 55% of Democrats, 85% of independents, and 64% of pro-choice respondents. This result, found consistently over several years, demonstrates that this executive action does not unite Americans but instead is contrary to an area of bipartisan consensus in an otherwise divisive issue.”

Sources: Town Hall: With Another Executive Order, Biden Forces Americans to Pay for Abortions Oversees

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