The Media Loves Playing The Race Card

And now they are getting called out for their hypocrisy.

he Los Angeles Times got an earful from users on Twitter after the paper announced a new project dedicated to covering Vice President Kamala Harris’ “historic rise to the White House” since she is the “first vice president who is Black, South Asian, female and the direct descendants of immigrants.”

Accompanying the announcement is a glorifying picture of Harris with a link to an Instagram account that mainly features Harris’ tweets, praise for her, and random facts.

So far, there is nothing critical about Harris on the new Instagram account. The LA Times’s new project is interesting to see after the mainstream media went after conservative media on their coverage of former President Trump, are now doing the same thing they were complaining about during the Trump years.

Users on Twitter – both conservatives and liberals – were more than happy to tear the project apart.

The LA Times’ account responded to the criticism on an Instagram post.

Sources: TownHall: LA Times Gets Smacked on Twitter After Announcing a New Kamala Harris Beat

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