CNN Grossly Misled Viewers With This Story

It’s about time the media gets fact checked. This should put CNN out of business.

It’s almost like the mainstream media want to raise the temperature and stoke unsubstantiated fear. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what they want to do. That was made apparent again today after a lie was trumpeted by several major media outlets before being shown to be mostly false.

I’m talking about the story that a man provided “fake” inauguration credentials while carrying 500 rounds of handgun ammunition on his person in an attempt to enter the Capitol area. This was supposed to be proof of an elevated threat, with the assumption being that this guy was there to shoot the place up as a probable QAnon disciple.

The real story is way, way less exciting.

Here’s a taste of how the media originally ran with this, not bothering to confirm any of the details. The narrative always rules.

Credit to Twitter user LB for putting this together.

What actually happened here is mundane. A man was hired to do personal security, one of many who have been hired for the inauguration events, but did not have the proper licensing to carry his weapon and ammo. That’s not surprising given how restrictive Washington D.C.’s gun laws are. He also did not show “fake” credentials. He simply had a non-government ID, which makes sense given he’s a private contractor. Regardless, it appears to be have been an honest mistake. He was placed under arrest, but he was not a terrorist seeking to kill Joe Biden or anybody else. It’s likely this will all get sorted out and he’ll be allowed to go free. The Capitol Police have far more important things to worry about.

Despite that, the media ran with a false narrative anyway, spending most of the day spreading the lie that a Trump-inspired attacker had attempted to breach the Capitol protection area. It would have taken them almost no time at all to ask for comment and report the facts. Apparently, that wasn’t even attempted by outlets like CNN, which championed the story.

They never learn because they don’t want to learn. I’d say the media got played here, but is it really getting played when you willfully report unsubstantiated nonsense without doing due diligence? No, there’s obvious intent here. The media want to pour gasoline on the flames of our political environment. They live for it.

Sources: RedState: Media Lie About Supposed Capitol Hill Attacker, Here’s the Real Story

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  1. Biden is too far gone go be President, so obama has his 3rd term that he wanted. Dems are his lapdogs. Hell on earth in America. Nobody likes Obama because he is a lapdog for our worst enemy.

  2. What make these media think they will have free speech? When the free press is part of the first amendment rights? Sound like they are more stupid than INTELLIGENT!

  3. It is not surprising that the media is so dishonest. Too often they create a situation to create a story. They like to geed the flames of divisiveness to feed the Democrats something to create their rhetoric around. That is how the Democrats decided to accuse Trump of inciting the riot. The media told them to say so. The Democrats were in seclusion, didn’t hear any of Trump’s speech but jumped as quick as they could to accuse Trump. Yes, the liberal media IS an enemy of the people of the USA.

  4. It’s taken over 80 yrs of insurgency from the Socialist Members to finally Spread their “CANCER” through Brain-washing Our Country and by removing the Lords Prayer from our Elementary Schools,Then to teach in our .colleges “Socialism” and Not allowing Our Constitution and Basic Freedom as to Americas Foundation to be Taught along with the Comparison of Both Choices!The Greatest Country for any other foundation to Last Over 240 Years ! Our Forefathers are Rolling in their Graves ! God have Mercy on America and the Christians who died to create the way we choose to Live !

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