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Pelosi Caught Red Handed Stealing From Americans

Her personal agenda finally revealed and it’s shocking and impeachable.

CBS anchor Lesley Stahl called out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for stalling on the latest COVID-19 relief package during an interview on Sunday’s “60 Minutes.”

Democrats delayed GOP efforts to negotiate a bill for months before settling on $900 trillion in December that included direct payments of $600 to Americans.

Before bringing up the topic of COVID relief, Stahl told Pelosi that she is “not known as a person who compromises.”


“No, I am,” Pelosi insisted. “I’ll compromise. We wanna get the job done. I’m not– I’m– mischaracterized by the Republicans that way. But that’s a tactic that they use. But we know we want results for the American people.”

“What about the COVID relief package?” Stahl asked. “That was held up for eight months.”

After Pelosi blamed the delay on GOP “obstruction,” Stahl asserted that it was “yours too.”

“No, it wasn’t obstruction,” said Pelosi.

“You held out for eight months,” Stahl responded.

Pelosi went on to claim that bills offered by Republicans had “no respect for our heroes, our state and local health care workers, police and fire, our first responders, our sanitation, transportation, food workers, our teachers, our teachers, our teachers. They would not go down that path.”

Stahl then referred to an anonymous Democratic lawmaker who told The Washington Post that delaying the bill made Democrats “look like obstructionists” and was “a huge mistake.”

“It wasn’t a mistake,” Pelosi asserted. “And I would not, and nobody expects me to, to support something that solidifies injustice in our country.”

Sources: Daily Caller: ‘You Held Out For Eight Months’: Lesley Stahl Calls Out Pelosi For COVID Relief Delay

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  1. Pelosi has ripped my heart and my faith in the people of America i am sure. I calculated 1460 days of her ripping Trump apart. Who could have absorbed that , And then there is the Media multiple times daily for thew same number of days.
    Yes Nancy I really believe that.

  2. Nancy Pisslosi is a criminal. She should be charged with treason, prosecuted, convicted and executed.

  3. Well now…..Google seems to have finally broken open the seams of their pant’s, popped off every button on their vests, and inflated their skulls to the point if explosion! HOW MUCH DO THEY THINK AMERICANS WILL TOLERATE????? You may own a company…..but you will NEVER OWN THIS COUNTRY OR OUR ALLEGIANCES! Get is straight, idiots: Americans are NOT for sale!!!!

  4. Is there anyone in this country that still believes nancy is not a lying obstructionist looser of monumental proportions.No one has done more to destroy the lives of average Americans than this evil witch.We are all starving while she stuffs her face with ice cream bought on our dime.she thinks she is queen and we can all go to Hell

  5. NOTHING new here, DEM’S AN RHINOS BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS Their Gov’t salary and perks are not enough must steal from America anyway they can albeit domestic or foreign. They bat not an eye. How many times have they embezzled from campaign funds? put into their own pocket to enrich them selves. or like Joe use his son Hunter to receive million back of our tax dollar after it was laundered thru other country banks and front corps. The pork barrel just signed giving hurting Americans and business zero in comparison of the billion given to foreign countries. FOLKS THAT’S WHY WE ARE BROKE, THESE SCOUNDRELS STEAL OUR MONEY or give it to ANTIFA/BLM groups or their own pockets to further their cause in attacking us. That has got to stop!!

  6. The Democrat Party has devastated our Nation. They had four years of getting paid and not upholding their required commitment by the People to do what the people voted for. Prior to this past four years of doing nothing , we had 8 years of Obama and his family just living off the taxpayers and not taking care of the responsibility of his job. He reduced our Military in numbers and equipment. Should have read History to see the damage that was done after WW1 by reduction of the Military. Of course that would require the capability of common sense.

  7. Now that Joe Beijing Biden is in China will control him then take over the USA. China will control commerce, farming, industry, the oil and gas industry. Joe Beijing Biden will be just a pawn for Xinjiang and Joe Beijing Biden will bow down to his commands. Joe Beijing Biden has to give in because Xinjiang own him because of the billions of dollars China Russia Ukraine Iran and North Korea gave to Joe Beijing Biden and Hunter Crackhead Biden. The Biden’s stole intel secrets and military secrets and sold them to these foreign countries for money committing crimes against our country and should be impeached and charged with treason fraud lying cheating stealing against The United States of America. Joe Beijing Biden doesn’t have what it takes to stand up to China or Xinjiang or Russia or Ukraine or Iran or North Korea. Nancy Needs a Facelift Pelosi thinks she can stop President Trump from running in 2024 she’ll be lucky if she is still alive. She should be about 90 years old by then and if she is she’ll be in a wheelchair setting in a nursing home being feed baby food. Nancy look on the bright side you won’t have to get any more facelifts or boob jobs.

  8. Most DEMONRATS in leadership roles are TRAITORS.
    pelosi is one of the most corrupt LIAR one can ever find.
    She is a snake and will slither around every fact of treason and blame the president for all.

    • Only conservatives get charged with anything that they decide to push down our throats. Hope we can get a new congress in 22

  9. The Democrats held up the second COVID bill and that’s If there was a group of people that were being over looked, they should have suggested including them. Obstruction is the same as lying when you don’t tell the whole truth. Nancy Pelosi is and has been a determent to our Country. She disrespects every American alive or dead. When you hurt people because you want to hurt someone else as she has you are looking at a person with NO Charicter.

  10. Pelosi has become a cancer to our political system and should be removed as speaker of the house because of her inability to be a fair and just person! Instead she is a greedy, spiteful witch who insist on her way of
    running the Government no matter what the cost to the American people!
    She needs to go trial by her piers and the American public!

  11. Pelosi will always justify her actions as a true elitist would. Her way is the only way and no one will tell her how government should change. She feels she and the Democrats are always right!!! Look at California for example.The problems there are sickening. Her own state should say you’re done Pelosi, we’ve had enough.

  12. What should be done is turn off the tv’s and radios and our phones on Jan 20,2021. Maybe if we do not acknowledge them on the day the american people have no voice. Their voice is all that matters. Look at nancy and see how she languishes. Would she have lasted in a nursing home in New York?


  14. I love the title Pelosi caught red handed steeling form Americans. Her personnel agenda ——–& it is shocking & IMPEACHABLE. Either stop blowing smoke up our butts or IMPEACH THIS CRAZY, EVIL, LYING, HATEFUL OLD WITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Pelosi has done more damage to our country than the covid. If the devil let out a fart it would be in the form of her. OOPS can’t call anybody by gender so I will just call this thing a IT

  16. Btw, I love how she pretends to care about our “heroes” but just take a look at her state and how her nephew runs it? Smh she’s nothing but a brainwashing LIAR

  17. now what other lies is she going to say remember 120 million worth of them, IMPEACH her get her out and most of the problems will slow down, take the AOC and put her in the bar where she came from and Omar to her home land where she can act like that over there ha, and don’t leave out the rest of the squat (squad), bye bye to them,
    give Nancy her own medicine back IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH turn the tables- RED HANDED STEALING FROM AMERICANS, go to CHINA and try that-


  19. The worst injustice is the Republican party had a chance the right the wrongs of politicians past greed when President Trump was first elected but they could Not decide whether they were Republicans or Democrats. They fought President Trump at every turn and now they are rendered moot! Sham on you Republicans! For Your inactions we all must suffer.

  20. Why hasn’t she been IMPEACHED? She does it to the BEST president we ever had but she IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW! She should be tried for treason so get with it and DO IT!

  21. Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the dirty demoncrats need to be held accountable for treason against the citizens of our country. They need to be stripped from their offices, and sent straight to prison for life.

  22. Then speaker Pelosi should be impeached for stealing from the people of this country. I’d say that she is a trader to this country and should be put out of office and charged with treason and spend the rest of her life in jail or executed.

  23. Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person and not worthy of holding any office she originated from the gutter rats mafia family’s what can you expect from her…

  24. All that needs to be said, has been, she’s a snake who crawls on her belly for the sole purpose of lining her & her families pockets. She has absolutely no concept of why she was placed in D.C. Our only salvation is that God is closing in on this evil lady, he will handle her in his own way!!!!

  25. The entire Government should be given the old pink slip and start walking. I didn’t trust anything the government says or does. Never has and never will be any trust.

  26. I must have missed something, Why did Stahl say that Pelosi just said something about COVID that is impeachable, that PELOSI could BE impeached

  27. The old c#nt should be shot for treason. Her corruption is sicking like her face is . She had no integrity, no honor, no faith in God . But she does worship the devil

  28. Nancy is one of the worst politicians the ever lived. When Nancy leaves this world if I am still alive there will be one fantastic celebration of her demise.

  29. It WOULD STILL be horrible if THE CONGRESS were subject to the SAME RULES they force on US, but THESE Bucking Fitches EXEMPT THEMSELVES FROM THEM, so they MUST KNOW the actual effects!!!!!!

  30. Nancy is pure evil and she insults all Catholics. I want her to to Hell, that’s where she should reside for eternity. President Donald J Trump will always be my Hero. God Bless him and his family. So proud of Melania Trump as our First Lady. You will always be in prayers and i’ll carry you in my heart. Be safe Love Judith petroro

  31. We have an effing nazi and traitor in the White House and you are worried about Pelosi. You are all lunatics.

  32. To “JusticeforTrump”. You , as a human[?] haven’t a clue as to what a Nazi is. PRESIDENT TRUMP has fought against OLD Nancy. SHE is a criminal , who steals from HER constituents , pads her pockets. She, on NUMEROUS occasions took {illegally} Air Force 1 and demanded fresh strawberries and champagne for “Her Guests” . She is authorized to use Air Force 1 for “pleasure” rides. By calling the only good President we have had and denouncing him , betrays YOUR allegiances to “antifa,China,blm ” and you are another brainwashed communist.

  33. 900 Trillion. You have got to be kidding. Doesn’t anyone ever proof read their articles anymore?

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