Democrats Trying to Start a Race War

The Dems language is skyrocketing racial tensions.

Like a shot of kryptonite, author and filmmaker Shelby Steele said that “liberalism is the great oppressor of black America,” after exposing the “seductive” power of the left.

A senior fellow at the Hoover Institution who specializes in the study of race relations, multiculturalism, and affirmative action, Steele appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle” to explain the left’s success today.

“The power of the left is based on the history of America’s racism and it’s shameful treatment of blacks and the left today has absolutely no other source of power than that moral disgrace that plagued — that America indulged in for so long,” Steele said. “They are milking it for down to the last drop — it is an insidious power, because it’s moral.”

He cited the political canceling of his new film, “What Killed Michael Brown,” as an example of this alleged moral act.

“It is the power that explains why Joseph Biden is the president of the United States and Donald Trump is not — Donald Trump has no moral appeal remotely on that level,” he explained.

“In fact, he goes the other way as I think most conservatives rightly do,” Steele added. “We have to move on. We can’t continue to milk this as power, but the left is milking it and the interesting thing is racism is virtually gone. There is a little bit of it here and there, but no longer in American life is your life going to be stunted by racial persecution.”

A powerful assertion from a black man that will earn Steele instant damnation from the perpetually aggrieved progressive left.

“You are able as a black, in today’s America, to do pretty much whatever you’re willing to do, whatever you have talent for, and the society at large will, for the most part, offer you goodwill and encouragement,” he added. “So racism is not there, but racism is the source of liberal power.”

Host Laura Ingraham noted that Democrats don’t want to talk about what their policies have done to inner-city Americans and black families, to include black youth in public schools, so they beat the racism drum.

“I grew up when racism was the oppressor, today liberalism is the great oppressor of black Americans and other minorities because it steals away from them their agency over their own life,” Steele said. “Liberals have no faith in the human equality of black people, they believe all their policy is reflective that blacks are inferior and can’t make it on their own and that, that their whole mission is to help blacks make it despite the fact that they are inferior, so they lower standards all across society.”

Ingraham noted the push for reparations is coming under a Biden administration.

“They want a payoff,” Steele said. “And I’ll tell you one thing, if broader America, I won’t say white America, but broader America doesn’t overcome its insecurity about being racist and terrorized of the label of racism, the left will be very successful in achieving these reforms and we will be paying reparations.”

“At some point, Americans have to stand up and get over this white guilt. This guilt of being associated with historical evil and stand the ground of principles,” he insisted.

Steele sounded an ominous warning if that doesn’t happen.

“We cannot continue to function as if identity is our power, our race is our power, that was the evil that sanctioned slavery and Jim Crow segregation,” he said.

Applying that take to today’s corporate censorship and de-platforming, Ingraham said liberals are targeting Trump supporters in a similar way.

“The left doesn’t have power because they invented the computer or they discovered oil or something,” Steele said. “They have power because they discovered racism and they know they can shame Americans on and on and on by calling them racist and shutting them up, and dispensing with them and canceling whatever they object to.”

Sources: BPR: Milking racism, ‘seductive’ power of the left exposed: ‘Liberalism is the great oppressor of black America’

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  1. I am SOOOO sick of the race card. Most of the rhetoric from the left is crap. Since they’ve got nothing else, the race card is what they fall back on almost every time. If the lefties in congress would quit crying racism, maybe, just maybe they could get something concrete done.

  2. there so much to be thankfull fore, we still live in the best country. The big problem is the Democrats are haveing a problem with who they call the enemy, it’s apparent they will be called trouble makers, but they will have to live with their action.

  3. Trump is the best president we have ever had and done everything without the help of democrats and many republicans. We are now on the path of a leader not doing anything good for our nation.

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