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Google Incites Violence Against Republicans

They are used to censoring conservative voices, but now they are openly advocating for violence against them.

Ashley Alese Edwards posted a number of tweets targeting various Republican senators and congressmen, calling for draconian punishments for alleged “treason.”

“Fucking treasonous terrorists,” said Edwards in a tweet two days ago. “Every single one of the Republicans who enabled this need to be jailed.”

“Hey FBI, got another one for you,” said Edwards of Rep. Mo Brooks.

“Both should be expelled from the Senate,” she said of Sens. Hawley and Cruz.

“Will Trump be tried for sedition at any point or are we all going to just let this slide?”

The Google employee went on to brand Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) a “treasonous coward,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) a “treasonous clown,” said Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) was “complicit in this insurrection,” and branded GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) a “traitorous clown.”

She simultaneously called for multiple prominent Republicans to resign, while mocking those who did resign, like education secretary Betsy DeVos.

“Your resignation is going to do nothing to salvage your reputation,” she said.

Google openly interfered in the 2020 election, using its dominance in search to suppress Breitbart News and other conservative media in the months before election day.

Far-left Google employees have in the past sought to use the company’s dominance in digital ads to punish conservative media, in particular Breitbart News.

Leaked materials obtained by Breitbart News in 2018 revealed relentless agitation inside the company to blacklist Breitbart News from Google’s ad services.

Sources: Breitbart: Google Employee Ashley Edwards Calls for Retribution Against GOP Politicians

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  1. Well said Deborah Clare, most of these liberals haven’t a clue about what is really happening in this world. I have to wonder if they’ll be so smug when they start loosing all their liberties.

  2. It just shows that the demon rates will stoop to even the lowest level to get their way. Pull any dirty trick and blame anyone but theirselves.

  3. TALK IS CHEAP ! DEPLORABLE DEMOCRAP’S don’t want anything to do with this at ALL ! BECAUSE they are behind this whole Blowup ! Biden and his CRIME FAMILY , KOWMOOLHA HARRIS , DNC , GEORGE SOROS , and every DERANGED and DEPLORABLE DEMOCRAP’S .

  4. There is no statute of limitation on treason and that means that Traitor Biden is not exempt from prosecution if he is inaugurated. Patriots, regardless of political identification, must stand up and bring the traitors to justice for interfering with the legal vote in the past national election as well as the run off in Georgia.

  5. GOOGLE , FACEBOOK , TWEETER , MSM , CNN , MSNBC , ABC , CBS and NBC are alin on this Problem ! This doesn’t have anything to do with the President Donald J.Trump or Family. It’s all about want the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE’S of the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY ” WANT’S Nobody Else. The SOCIALIST are behind everything .. And LORD PLEASE HELP US ! Because they don’t know what they are doing to this Country..

  6. WE have awoken and discovered that we are in the Matrix or another dimension in which Trump has lost and anyone who questions how this happened is shut down or worse. In the dimension where Trump won the heads of these companies have been arrested and tried for treason, found guilty and executed. Their America is a great place where everyone is honest, are helped to find jobs and a place to live and in general very happy with their President who has “Made America Great Again”. The news is reported truthfully and the citizens make decisions based on honest reporting for the facts.

  7. Crazed psychopath. Democrats are the criminals and are responsible for setting the stage for this whole scenario. do not condemn 74 mil people because of the actions of .0001% caught up in the Antifa/BLM initiated insurgence done with the aid of the DC mayor and police. You are consumed by your own irrationality. Watch the videos, they were let in. Knowing up to a million people were coming to DC in protest much greater precautions should have been made. Carefully planned and orchestrated to discredit MAGA;since you know fully the election was a sham. Biden said We have the most extensive voter fraud system ever devised or did you not hear him. You ate the traitors, treasonous letches.

    • what needs to happen to google isthey need to be caught for ewanting to do the violents against republicans, you don’t do that just because you simply don’t like someone, that’s not exceptible in my eyes anas an american who loves america!

  8. First of all you state that there is no proof of widespread voter fraud which you are dead wrong and here is the proof. On the morning of Election Day, there were officially 213.8 million registered voters in the U.S. TOTAL! The Washington Post stated that 66.2% of all the voters, actually voted in the 2020 election, an all time record. This gives you a total of 141,535,600 registered voters that could cast a legal ballot, right? PRESIDENT TRUMP won 74,111,419 votes (official total), right? so if you take the total of all the registered voters that voted, 141,535,600 voters, then deduct Trump’s total of 74,111,419 voters, it leaves you only 67,424,181 remaining, which if Joe Biden got every single remaining vote, it is impossible that he got more than 67,424,181 voters, which is substantially less than PRESIDENT TRUMP. These numbers do not lie! PRESIDENT TRUMP WON THE ELECTION! Please verify my numbers! It is totally impossible that Joe Biden won and the government is staging a big cover-up and this will not stand.

  9. First, what happened at the capital is very sad, totally uncalled for, that’s Not the way to make your voice heard and make sure you blame the correct people for it! Second: the democrats are responsible for the political unrest!!!!! For 4 yrs the refused to accept Trump as there president, and work with him and now they’re calling for unity. What a load of CRAP………. Democrats are a bunch of hypocrits!!!!! Republicans should go after Biden the same way the democrats went after Trump!!

  10. The big techers ant the lefty press as well as the democants all need to be in prison for what they have done for the last four years of spinning of hate for the Donald and the police and military as well as us republicans we have a voise to this not a one party communist country yet and polisis and maconnlys houses got vandalized by the ANTIFAs and the BLM so lets get some truth in the tirads

  11. I take such God hating, America hating as a serious attack on me personally. I will defend myself in public and at home.

  12. Trying to reason with these people is useless. But they will regret it if they are stupid enough to attack me in public or at home I still have my 2nd amendment rights, and will use it without talking about it.

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