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Michelle Obama Accidentally Reveals Lies About Georgia

The Dems have let their cards drop on the election.

“Your vote is your voice. It’s your power. And right now, from the President of the United States on down, we’re seeing and hearing just how desperate some are to take that power away. They want us to believe that their pride is more important than our democracy,” she said of Republicans, describing it as “unconscionable,” particularly “at a time when a staggering number of Americans are dying every day from a virus that was downplayed for far too long.”

“It’s unconscionable to focus on overturning an election rather than helping struggling families or distributing a vaccine,” she said.

“This is why we can’t just vote for President and think that our job is done,” she continued in the lengthy Twitter thread.

Obama said that Tuesday’s runoffs will determine “whether the U.S. Senate is run by those who’ve shown their willingness to tear down our democracy—or whether it’ll be run by those who will actually get to work on the monumental challenges before us.”

Victories for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff would split the Senate, giving power to the party in control of the White House.

“These runoffs will decide whether President-Elect Biden has a Senate that will work with him rather than just obstruct him at every turn,” Obama said, adding that duel Democrat victories will serve as “another step toward cleaning up the mess of the past four years.”

“If you live in Georgia, make sure you vote for @ReverendWarnock and @Ossoff in tomorrow’s U.S. Senate runoffs—and make sure everybody you know does the same”:

Obama, who was voted as the most admired woman in America for the third year in a row, also made a virtual appearance at a drive-in get-out-the-vote rally at the Cellairis Amphitheatre in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday, echoing Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer by telling the crowd that they can “determine the direction of this state and this country” with their votes in the Peach State.

Sources: Breitbart: Michelle Obama to GA Voters: ‘We Can’t Just Vote for President and Think Our Job Is Done’

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  1. Pathetic woman.Keep lying God hates lying.She needs to repent as we all do .God is not partial and if you think you are an elite you still have to meet Him

  2. Obama should be deported back to the country he was born in…Kenya. Most of the Democraps in command belong in prison. Now they are all happy, they will start receiving all the graft and kick backs again.

  3. The DEMOCRAP’S , Stole , Cheated , Bribed , Swindled and Rigged this Election. Biden never ever got over a Half Million Votes.. The DNC , George Sosos and ALL the Foreign Governments
    like IRAN , CUBA , RUSSIA , N.KOREA , UKRAINE and the list goes On that had their hands in it ALL.

  4. A trannie ” won” woman of the year 3 time’s?
    What has become of AMERICA?
    Maybe we deserve destruction by DUMBOCRAPS.

  5. What unadulterated BS from a lousy previous first lady who should stay out of the fray. It doesn’t suit her.

  6. Our Lord God Almighty chooses our Leaders Obama and Biden are two of the most Wicked Evil men that I have ever known. Our God will not Fail he does not make mistakes like I do.He will not allowe us to continue on the road we are on.

  7. The only time this crazy thing was “Proud” to be an American was when her/his other half was elected president of the United States. Now it spouts nothing but racisms and lies. May GOD have mercy on us.

  8. I think it is so very clear that the Democrats stole the election because nobody with a brain knows that there’s Joe Biden never could have gotten 80 million votes honestly. It’s hard to believe that no one wants to investigate the story about the whole Biden family starting with Joe.


  10. Why is this he-she still blabbering . It’s time for ” it ” to go back to the room of discipline and bend Hussain over a chair !!!!

  11. Why is this he-she still babbling . Isn’t it time for ” it ” to go back to the room of discipline and bend Hussain over a chair >>

  12. I guess this sick POS woman forgot the mess her useless husband did for 8 years. Odumbo did nothing for the Black communities and Bitme will be a disaster for our country.

  13. This female? PO horse S ought to shut her mouth. She and her worthless hubby who prefers men over women, did nothing for anyone. Not the USA, not the black population not anyone but they both filled their pockets at our expense. I hold them in utter contempt. Body language clearly shows this female POS is lying.

  14. Well Just who is it that admires her ? The dems have wasted 12 years ( 8 years with barack and 4 years wasted trying to take down Trump) while accomplishing nothing other than bringing this country down! Now they want to complete the destruction of America with the worst possible morons in the White House and they tell us the obama c..t is admired? She is the personification of a BAD EXAMPLE!!! That is all she and loser barack are good for !!!!!!!!!

  15. Michael Obama is totally lost in space, the space between his ears. He talks about the lag in getting vaccinations out to those who need it. Got news for you SFB, if your democratic cronies, especially the young ones like AOC were so worried, maybe they should not have gotten the vaccination. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to act like Gov. DeSantis in Florida, who said that the elderly are the ones who should be getting the vaccine, not him. You talk about people wanting to maintain there grasp on power. Yeah that describes Hillary perfectly. To bad the Democrats didn’t allow President Trump at least a couple of months or maybe a year of good graces from you thieves. Yet even under your, and I mean President Obama who backed the attempt to try to oust a DULY elected president, not like the idiot that was just elected, you jerks made such and issue of nothing. But when the Republicans point out the unConstitutional move done by states to change the election integrity by have their Attorney General, the courts or Governors of the states to choose how votes are to be cast, counted and made. ALL ILLEGALLY DONE!

  16. It,’s a shame that our soon to be president and vp has been selected by a hand full on dems and has been bought and paid for by china. Thanks you Trump for all your hard work here we go 2024

  17. Micelle Obama is a cancer on America. There is nothing that her and Barack ever gave America that didn’t fester and turn into an ugly cancer.

  18. The level of ignorance, idiocy,misinformation and propaganda on this site and in most of these comments is beyond the pale.Sadly a 60 second Google search is all it would take to disavow.Or God forbid, a semblance of intellectual curiosity.Ah..the evils of science, education, research, data,reality. But worry not,if y’all get your way,we will be back to Neanderthal in no time.
    One has to intuit that the creators of this site are reveling in the irony and hypocrisy of citing the notion of IQ as a qualifier for these natives.

  19. Obama and the demoncrats are quilty of everything she blames on the President. These demoncrats will all be exposed and have to pay the price!!!!! God is tired of their evil ways!!

  20. Cant’ that Miserable Michelle Obama…..Just Shut Her Damn Mouth and Go Get Lost Somewhere.!! What a Disgrace She is to this Country…..AND – She Thinks she is the best thing since White Ice Cream.!! NOT.!! The Pathetic Woman of this Country, along with Hillary, Pelosi, AOM, Omar, Waters, etc. etc.

  21. Michael tranny Obama and Obama need to keep their damn nose out of our government! Obama was the worst president Ever! They along with the clintons and Pelosi and the Biden’s have laundered enough of our money and need to be put in prison for or better yet hung! They are the lowest of life scum trash that needs to go away!

  22. Our country will spiral down in flames unless some of our spineless republican politicians decide to fight back as one , it’s what the crazy left does no matter how crazy they look they lie louder and louder but always stay as one! Republicans need to grow a set and play by their rules of engagement or maybe their going to leave the fight up to the people!!! It’s time to draw a goddamn line in the sand!!!!!

  23. This is terrible… all I got to say is Im worth at least being a medic to those willing to battle. I will be waiting.

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