Cuomo Demands More Money In His Pocket

The reason behind his million dollar demand baffles everyone.

New York Gov. Cuomo paused from receiving his COVID Emmy to issue an Executive Order that will punish any health care providers that disregards the states COVID-19 vaccine protocols.

Under the notion of preventing fraud, the new order declares that states providers who give the vaccine to individuals outside of the phase protocol will face fines up to $1 million and have all state licenses revoked, WETM reported.

Cuomo also made certification of vaccine recipients an obligatory part of the COVID vaccination process.

Or, in other words, more red tape in an already complicated process expected to take months to complete.

The order came after ParCare Community Health Network allegedly administered the vaccine on a “first come, first served” basis promoted on Facebook, according to the NBC affiliate.

Typical of Democrats, Cuomo has a social justice angle in the vaccine administration effort, requiring all plans “be based on a fair and equitable strategy which focuses on communities with lower vaccination rates and poorer health outcomes.”

“COVID has exposed many of the existing injustices in our society, most notably that racism is, without a doubt, a public health crisis,” the governor said in a release. “Case and point — data has continued to show that despite higher infection and death rates in the Black and Latino communities, testing has remained more widely available in white communities.”

“I refuse to let race or income determine who lives and who dies in New York and I mean it,” he added. “That’s why as we work to break down barriers and ensure vaccine access for all, I will not take the vaccine until it is available for my age group in Black, Hispanic, and poor communities around the state.”

Beyond that, the state’s prioritization requirements are seen here:

Phase 2 was to get underway the first week of January and includes first responders, like police and firefighters; teachers and other educational staff conducting in-person instruction; child-care providers; and public health employees.

Essential frontline workers, to include grocery store employees, pharmacists and transit staff are also in this group, as are other long-term care residents.

There’s also the claim that Cuomo, who has been engaged in a long pandemic-related battle with Orthodox Jews, had a certain demographic in mind when issuing his new executive order:

Turns out, Cuomo may not be the only Democrat leaning on health care providers.

California Gov. Gavin Newson is reportedly also leveling threats if the administration of the vaccine does not follow established prioritization requirements.

Here’s a sampling of additional responses to the story from Twitter:

Sources: BPR: Cuomo issues exec. order to fine providers $1 million for vaccinating someone not on approved list

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