Professor Fired For Holding Communist Country Accountable

The academic administration shows they are loyal to this Communist nation instead of the First Amendment.

According to a report by the College Fix, the University of Cincinnati has refused to address whether or not engineering professor John Ucker will return to the classroom this spring. Ucker was placed on temporary leave after he referred to coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” in an email exchange with his students.

The report claims that Ucker is not scheduled to teach any courses in the spring. Additionally, the university has failed to respond to inquiries about Ucker’s status for the spring semester.

The exchange, which took place on September 9, quickly went viral on Twitter, receiving over 164,000 likes.“My girlfriend tested positive for COVID and the University of Cincinnati’s Health Department instructed me to not attend my in-person lab,” one student wrote. “Not only did my professor give me a zero for not going, but this was his response.”

Ucker is not the only professor to face sanctions this year over the use of politically incorrect language. Breitbart News reported in August that Syracuse University Professor Jon Zubieta was placed on leave after he referred to the virus as the “Wuhan flu” in a syllabus for his chemistry course. When announcing Zubieta’s suspension, the university argued that the term is “offensive to Chinese, international and Asian-Americans everywhere.”

Sources: BreitbartU. of Cincinnati Prof May Not Return to Classroom After Saying ‘Chinese Virus’

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  1. Uncalled for censorship, this a free country with the first amendment in our constitution. Did UC censor all their staff for calling out the Asian Flu? UC just gave us a degree in what is wrong with higher learning by just offending me.

  2. So where is the evidence that it was because he used the term “Chinese Virus”? Maybe it was because he was penalizing students who tested positive for the virus by giving them no grade! Why would they get no grade simply for testing positive? What was the university’s response on why?

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