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Gay COVID Nurse Has Sex With Infected Patients

They strip off their protective gear for a disgusting and forbidden act.

Just when you think 2020 couldn’t get any stranger, with one day remaining in the abysmal year a nurse has reportedly been suspended for having sex with a COVID-19 patient.

In what proved to be a same-sex episode, a male nurse in Indonesia was suspended after admitting that he stripped off his personal protective equipment to have sex in a toilet with a man infected with the coronavirus, The Sun reported — the article making it appear that the greater sin was the nurse stripping his PPE, not having sex with a patient.

“It is true that there has been a suspected incident of a same-sex relationship between a health worker and a COVID-19 patient at the Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital,” said Asep Gunawan of the National Nurses Association.

Both men are in “independent isolation” after the romp at the dedicated coronavirus field hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia — let’s hope they don’t share the same toilet.

The pair was busted when the patient uploaded a screenshot of WhatsApp messages between them as he boasted about the tryst.

“The explicit messages went into detailed discussion in Indonesian about lubricants and the size of the pair’s private parts,” the British paper reported.

He also posted a picture of the nurse’s PPE strewn across the floor as they had sex — his social media account has since been locked.

Both the nurse and the patient admitted they had met for sex in a toilet, according to the article, and could be prosecuted under Indonesia’s anti-pornography laws.

“This case has been transferred to the Central Jakarta Police. We have secured the health worker to become a witness and ask for further information. Meanwhile, the patient continues to undergo isolation at the Athlete’s House,” Lieutenant Colonel Arh Herwin BS, head of information at the Regional Military Command, told local media.

“Due to conditions and health protocol rules, the nurse has been in contact with a Covid-19 patient, so is undergoing isolation for some time,” he added.

Interestingly, while both men were tested after the tryst, the patient continued to test positive, but the nurse did not.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

Sources: BPR: Nurse in trouble after stripping off PPE for sex romp with COVID-19 patient

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  1. So what’s the issue here? He’s gay right? We don’t hold certain people, and races accountable anymore. Unless it was done to a black person. OH, and as long as he was wearing a mask it’s all good. You know what? I bet it was President Trump fault. That’s it.

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