California Schools Claim Grades Are Sexist

The Left has a new thing to cancel for not being “woke” enough… this time its grades.

According to a report by Campus Reform, Professor Brandon Robinson of the University of California Riverside, is calling for an end to grading. Robinson gave all of his students a perfect score on their final exam for the fall semester.

“I canceled my students’ final and just gave them all 100 on it,” Robinson wrote in a tweet. “And I structured my winter classes around not having a final. I don’t know, maybe we should just abandon the construct that is the final.”

“I mean, is there any studies or proof that shows that finals are good? Or actually do something?” Robinson wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Robinson told one Twitter user that hates assigning grades to students. “I hate grades and start every quarter telling my students that,” Robison wrote in another tweet.

Williamson Evers, the director of the Independent Institute’s Center on Education Excellence, told Campus Reform this week that Professor Robinson’s attempt to cancel grading is part of the ongoing destruction of standards at American colleges and universities.

“No-finals is part of the erosion of standards in American higher education,” Evers said. “Students are all too eager to slough off required reading or skip lectures. Cumulative finals are important for giving students an incentive to do the work. If college diplomas don’t mean hard, disciplined academic performance, then why not just give them to every child at birth?”

Sources: Breitbart: UC Riverside Gender Studies Prof Argues that Higher Education Must ‘Abandon the Construct’ of Finals

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  1. As long as foreign countries don’t do what the goofs in America are doing…with no resistance nor end in sight.
    One day, Americans will want to make sure their doctors, surgeons, dentists, financial advisors, veterinarians, nurses, pharmacists, etc., etc. attended schools OUTSIDE of the United States. lol lol

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