Shootings Skyrocket as Dems Lose Control

Shootings are skyrocketing for one reason and one reason alone… Democrats inability to govern.

Fox News reports “at least 850 shootings…as of Christmas Eve” 2020, compared to 393 shootings for all of 2019.

Moreover, December 2020 alone has witnessed 59 shootings, a significant increase over the 33 shootings in December 2019.

On December 26, 2020, KGW8 noted Portland saw “more than 50 homicides” January 1, 2020, to December 24, 2020, marking the highest number of homicides in the city in almost 30 years.

Portland has been a hotbed for anti-police/defund the police demonstrations in 2020.

Oregon Public Broadcasting observed that flashpoint for contention was Portland’s Gun Violence Reduction Team (GVRT), which was disbanded in early July amid claims that it “disproportionately targeted people of color.”

The push to disband the GVRT was spearheaded by commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who unsuccessfully pushed for $18 million in police budget cuts later in the year.

Nevertheless, on November 12, 2020, Breitbart News reported Hardesty called the police because she was allegedly upset a Lyft driver would not roll the windows up during her ride.

Sources: Breitbart: Shootings in Democrat-Controlled Portland up over 116 Percent

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  1. taken off the statued is not going to change history the blm are just jackoff that are terrioism to amereica they get the money from china so they do things that true americans will get them for it. they think the comies are going to help them lol not going to happen they have to learn the hard way they are only distroying themselfs

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